May 2024 | Vol 215 No 5

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In This Issue:

  • International Floral Design Stars
  • Philadelphia Flower Show
  • European Trends 2024
  • Setting the Stage: The Art of Set Design Floristry
  • Navigating Home & Gift Markets
  • Florist Spotlight: Tami Mcallister
  • Spring Floral Books
  • Creative Tutorials and more!

Welcome to the May 2024 edition of Florists’ Review! We are excited to bring you the latest news and trends in the floral industry. After purchasing, you will receive a link to download your digital magazine.

One of our featured articles is about the International Floral Design Stars. These talented designers worldwide will share their unique perspectives and techniques with us, giving us a glimpse into the global floral landscape.

We also take a trip to Philadelphia for the annual PFS. With stunning displays and innovative designs, this event never fails to inspire and amaze.

In European Trends 2024, we explore what’s hot in the European floral market. From bold color combinations to sustainable practices, these trends are sure to influence our own designs in the coming months.

68 pages packed full of floral education and business insights.


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