By Nita Robertson, AIFD

Welcome to the whimsical world where pets and petals intertwine!

In our 2024 “Pets and Petals Design Contest,” nearly 60 talented floral designers showcased their creative and clever floral designs crafted specifically for animals. From elegant flower collars and regal crowns for dogs to charming adornments for chickens, horses, and even cows, the competition celebrated the beauty of pets decked out in nature’s finest blooms. Join us in celebrating the unique bond between animals and nature as we unveil the winner and finalists in our 2024 “Pets and Petals Design Contest.”


Toni Sicola

Tangles Sage Event Artistry

Moab, Utah



A popular trend has been beautiful, lush flower collars and crowns for dogs, which always make for the cutest pics—and most dogs seem happy to wear them.

dog pose with flowers
Renee Polreis, AIFD,SDCF- Nepstad’s Flowers & Gifts
pet photo shoot
Marysú Erickson.Cassia forêt
dog flowers
Marysú Erickson.Cassia forêt
dog with flower collar
Patti Fowler AIFD
Erin Barzen – Barzen’s Blooms
SandraVazquez Chavez.ATEMPOflowers
Sue Hines-Sue Hines Floral
Janelle Gerestein.Flowers by Janie Inc.

flower necklace for a dog
Janelle Gerestein.Flowers by Janie Inc.
dog with bee costume
Daureen Parenti.The Designerie Events
dog flowers
Angelyn Tipton AIFD
Marigold Maltipoo
Becky Memmo
Denise Buckbee-Wildflower Special Events
dog flowers
Matthew Blind
dog with flowers
Deborah Trout-Kolb.Tulips at Waters Edge, LLC
dog with flower necklace
Sanay Abdollahzadeh.Your Flower Stop
dog with flowers
Lindsey Paulette.Lupine Flower Company


cat with flower
Diana Petri-Floral Project Timisoara
cat with flower nexklace
Diana Petri-Floral Project Timisoara
cat in the middle of a flower wreath
Marta Sondej.Bartlett -Greenhouse and Florist


Flowers are for every animal that is close to one’s heart, and that includes farm animals, too.

Caitlin Storey-Deep Creek Flower Farm
horse with flowers
Yianni Charalambous; Flowers by Yianni
Marta Sondej.Bartlett -Greenhouse and Florist
Danielle Renshaw.Ruffled -Willow floral company
Sue Hines-Sue Hines Floral
Marta Sondej.Bartlett Greenhouse and Florist
cows with flowers
Sue Hines.Sue Hines Floral
turtle with flowers on shell
Susan Piland-Susan Piland Floral Studio
chicken with flowers
Sue Hines-Sue Hines Floral

Flower Toxicity

The last thing anyone wants is for animals to get sick from possibly ingesting flowers or plants that are toxic to them, so choosing flowers that are safe for them is crucial. Cats and dogs, especially, are curious creatures and may nibble on plants out of curiosity or boredom.

Some common flowers that are generally considered safe for pets include roses, sunflowers, orchids, and snapdragons. However, it’s crucial to research specific flowers and their potential effects on pets before introducing them into your home or garden—or your wearable designs for pets.


Aloe vera Amaryllis and Hippeastrum Azalea and Rhododendron Begonia Caryota (fishtail palm) Chrysanthemum Cycas (sago palm) Dianthus (carnations) Dieffenbachia Eucalyptus Euphorbia (poinsettias) Gypsophila (toxic to dogs, but safe for cats) Hedera (ivy) Iris Lilium (lilies; toxic to cats, but safe for dogs) Narcissus (daffodils) Nerium (oleander) Sansevieria Strelitzia (birds-of-paradise) Tulipa (tulips) Wisteria  


Alstroemeria Antirrhinum (snapdragons) Argyranthemum and Leucanthemum (daisies) Aster and Callistephus (asters) Celosia Chlorophytum (spider plant) Ferns (all genera) Gypsophila (safe for cats, but toxic to dogs) Helianthus (sunflowers) Lilium (lilies; safe for dogs, but toxic to cats) Orchids (all genera) Petunia Rosa (roses) Tagetes (marigolds) Viola (pansies and violets) Zinnia  

SOURCE: Teleflora

For a full list of flowers and plants that are toxic and safe for dogs, cats and horses, check out the ASPCA Animal Poison Control website at

Angelyn Tipton AIFD
dog flowers
Christy Hillman.Frank Adam’s Wholesale Florist
dog with modern flowers
Keith Sprewer-K Charles and Company