An easy and versatile idea for creating fun yet effortless environments at weddings, parties and other events

Floral design by Taylor Doyle, The Floral Eclectic located in Dallas Texas

Photos by Opal & Onyx Photography, Haley Katherine Photography and Lexie Krug Photography -Dallas, Texas

Presented by Alexandra Farms

Wedding, party and event clients frequently request creative flowery backdrops to create intimate settings for photo opportunities, cake and sweetheart tables, lounge and conversation areas, and more. This fun and funky backdrop, which is easy and affordable to create, exclusively features sumptuous garden roses from Alexandra Farms. I chose wavy-edged backdrop panels to echo the round form of the roses, and the mechanics enable the creation of dimensional designs in shapes, sizes and colors of your choice, as well as the convenient option of assembling on site. This versatile idea also offers myriad opportunities bespoke adaptation, to align with clients’ specific tastes, styles and needs.


Step 1

Set up the backdrop panels in the desired formation. Next, attach two C-clamps to each panel at the points where you want each floral design to be positioned. Space the C-clamps slightly wider than the length of the floral-foam cage (in this case, approximately 9¼ inches apart).

DESIGN TIP: Place pieces of non-slip shelf liner under both the screw pads and the jaws of the C-clamps (the points where the clamps touch the panels), to ensure that the clamps won’t move.

step one attach clamp

Step 2

Soak floral-foam cages in properly proportioned flower nutrient solution. Then, attach one floral-foam cage to each pair of C-clamps with zip ties (this usually requires a second set of hands).

Step 2 add cage

Step 3

Arrange flowers into the floral-foam cages, creating designs in shapes, sizes and colors of your choice.

adding flowers
set up


GARDEN ROSES From Alexandra Farms

Rosa spp. ‘Mariatheresia’ (Deluxe Garden Rose, pink)

Rosa spp. ‘Sunset’ (Deluxe Garden Rose, orange)

Rosa spp. ‘Lenora’ (David Austin Wedding Rose, ivory/cream)

Rosa spp. ‘Princess Aiko’/’Beloved’ (Japanese Garden Rose, peach)

Rosa spp. ‘Princess Midori’ (Japanese Spray Garden Rose, green)


• TRIBUTE CAGE® Holder from OASIS Floral Products

       (Optional, for foam-free designs: OASIS Florist Netting)

• Wavy-edge backdrop panels

• C-clamps (2” and 3”)

• Zip/Cable ties (10” to 12”)

• Grip/Non-slip shelf liner

Taylor Doyle
Taylor Doyle