“Floral electricity sparks a modern aesthetic with an
eclectic fl ower combination grounded in copper-footed tubes”


Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis amabilis), callas (Zantedeschia aethiopica), tulips (Tulipa hybrida), pencil tree (Euphorbia tirucalli), false aralia (Plerandra elegantissima) and Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) from suppliers of your choice; 2” by 6” piece of lumber, copper pipe/tube caps (½” or ¾” diameter, depending on the diameter of the water tubes) and copper metallic spray paint from hardware or home-improvement store (Copper Colortool Spray from Design Master Color Tool is also an option); E6000 transparent adhesive from craft store (Oasis Floral Adhesive is also an option); Oasis UGlu Adhesive Dashes and Oasis Water Tubes from Smithers-Oasis North America.

A warm copper glow from the base of a freestanding design complements various hues from gorgeous moth orchids, callas, tulips and more. This modern take on the popularity of multiple vase groupings is cleverly achieved by securing copper plumbing tube caps to a metallicpainted 2-inch-by-6-inch board prior to adding water tubes and floral materials.

Additionally, this versatile composition lends numerous possibilities for home, office and event décor, from mantels and dining tables to aisles and walkways, given its ability to be created in any length and without concern of being moved or knocked over thanks to the substantial wood base. Follow designer Stacey Carlton, AIFD, EMC, owner of Chicago-based The Flora Culturist, as she demonstrates how to create this composition.


Spray-paint lumber, if desired, to match the copper tube caps, and allow to dry. Measure and mark where you would like to place the copper tube caps and water tubes prior to gluing them in place


Adhere copper tube caps to the lumber with a spot of clear adhesive, and allow to dry.


Add adhesive dashes to the base of each water tube, remove paper to expose the adhesive, and place the tubes into the copper tube caps. Use as many adhesive dashes as necessary to ensure a snug fit and upright placement. You also can use clear adhesive or hot glue to secure the water tubes into the copper tube caps.


Partially-fill water tubes with flower-food solution, and artfully arrange botanicals into the water tubes.