We Spoke With Shane Connolly, the Artistic Director for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Wedding, Ahead of the Event Shane Connolly, a florist to the royal family, is known for his whimsical, elegant arrangements, as well as a fabulous personality. (Photo by Eva Nemeth) Calling all royal loyalists that lunch. The Dallas Museum of Art League nabbed a simply splendid speaker for its its annual Art in Bloom 2020 event happening on Monday, March 2. Themed “A Royal Affair,” and chaired by Therese Rourk, the league welcomes floral designer Shane Connolly to Dallas for what is sure to be an unforgettable presentation. “We chose him not only for his renown as an excellent floral designer, but also for his whimsical style and fabulous personality that is sure to entertain our patrons,” event chair Therese Rourk said. “Having received two Royal Warrants of Appointment in recognition for his work on two royal weddings, we are so excited to hear about all things royal while he creates his signature designs.” Royal floral designer Shane Connolly in action. (Photo by Yolanda Chiaramello) Well, we just couldn’t wait to have Connolly spill the tea. Here’s what he can tell us about being commissioned to design the flowers for the weddings of two future kings—HRH Princes of Wales in 2005 and the Duke of Cambridge in 2011. “I suppose what you would be surprised to know is that both brides were very much more normal, involved, down to earth and lovely than many non-royal brides,” Connolly said. “What you might not be so surprised to know is that discretion is the name of the game so not another word!” In addition to beautiful bouquets and awe-inspiring arrangements, Connolly is also known for his sustainability within his industry. When we think of the very […]