Businesses and residents show their support by displaying ribbons at their place of business and around area homes. That’s a fact, whether or not the numbers end up being what experts originally thought they would, that is true for everyone. A lot of people have been stuck at home for weeks, clamoring to get out of the house to do anything. But while it has been tough on those that have been forced to stay at home, it’s also been just as tough if not tougher for the ones that haven’t been able to stay home. 300×250 image ad The workers deemed essential, such as first responders, medical workers and even grocery store workers have been braving the risk of contracting the virus in order to do their jobs. In honor of their efforts, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced Tuesday a new campaign called Ribbons for Hope. The official statement regarding the announcement can be seen below: Governor Kay Ivey on Tuesday announced her “Ribbons of Hope” campaign at a ceremony at the Alabama State Capitol. During the duration of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Governor Ivey encourages the people of Alabama to tie ribbons around a tree or pole in their front yard as a symbol to remind everyone to pray for medical personnel, first responders, and for one another. Tying ribbons around a tree, mailbox or fixture in a front yard will be called “Ribbons of Hope” and will symbolize faith, hope, love and prayer. During these unprecedented times, Governor Ivey hopes these simple gestures will create unity among us and become a beacon of encouragement for everyone who sees them. Governor Ivey was joined by several local pastors to officially tie the first “Ribbon of Hope” on a tree in front of the Alabama State Capitol. “As […]