As a tablescape for a client or a product vignette in your shop, this collection of botanicals and décor items offers great versatility and options.

Creating a captivating tablescape or in-store display starts with great components. Here, floral designer Erik Witcraft, AIFD, CFD, pulls together a stunning collection of decorative accessories from Melrose International, and accents them with lush greenery, fresh flowers and potted plants, which can be adjusted for any season, occasion or color scheme. As a tablescape for a client, the component design can be expanded or contracted—and even reconfigured, as needed, to accommodate whatever size or shape of table, mantel or other space it will decorate. And as an in-store display, the charming vignette will help customers visualize how this coordinating collection of décor items might work in their homes—and, hopefully, encourage sales of multiple items, including flowers and plants, fresh or permanent. With fresh flowers, this display can be created inside your cooler, to create interest and further dress it up a bit.

Step 1

Soak a floral-foam cage in flower nutrient solution. Arrange a variety of foliages, with varying colors, textures and leaf sizes, into the floral-foam cage.

Step 2

Arrange ‘Mondial’ roses and arrowwood Viburnum into the floral-foam cage, in the center of the “bed” of foliage.

Step 3

Place the floral-foam cage arrangement into the iron-and-wood tray from Melrose International, on one side, and a large rattan orb on the opposite side.

Step 4

Make two simple four-loop bows, each with multiple tails/streamers. Attach the bows to the iron-and-wood candleholders from Melrose International with paper-covered wire, and place Melrose’s Simplux Moving-flame LED Pillar Candles into the candleholders. Position the two candleholders next to each other, to begin creating the tablescape/vignette.

Step 5

Arrange roses, peonies, Hydrangea, arrowwood Viburnum, Magnolia and dusty miller into four Iron/Glass Jars in Stands from Melrose International. Vary the assortment of flowers and foliage in each jar. Place two 4-inch Cretan brake ferns into ceramic pots.

Step 6

Arrange all of the component arrangements, plants and décor items to create a pleasing, visually balanced and dimensional tablescape/vignette. Expand or contract the size of the tablescape/vignette—or even reconfigure it—to accommodate the table size or shape or space available.