Bacteria-killing jeans, social-distancing hats, and trendy face-shields… Welcome to a new era of style. Post Corona, designers are experimenting with futuristic, disease-free, and protective-chic clothing, and COVID-resistant accessories.
In May, clothing company Vollebak launched what it called the ‘future of intelligent, disease-resistant clothing’: A full metal jacket – made from copper.

“Copper is biostatic, which means that bacteria and other life forms will not grow on it. It also has exceptional antimicrobial properties with bacteria and viruses dying as they make contact with it,” stated the company.

Indian clothing brand Freakins Denim’s STW (Sterilized Till Worn) line

Closer home, Freakins Denim unveiled its new line of STW (Sterilized Till Worn) clothing in India, that has been treated with Ethylene Oxide, which is used to sterilize medical and surgical equipment. In July, it plans to introduce an AV40 (Antiviral till 40 washes) line, that will “ensure 100 per cent elimination of any virus or bacteria and retains its fundamental properties until 40 washes,” according to the brand.

This is how an outfit from Monosuit’s new collection looks like

Meanwhile, New York-based independent fashion brand Monosuit launched its new collection, Second Skin in Dubai, in April 2020, that took into account the post-Corona world and its style needs. Their jumpsuit collection includes a fashionable visor, and features hidden seams for gloves (that can be partially removed), and masks (which can also be turned into stylish collars). The new line allows “women to feel protected, while not forgetting about the beauty,” according to Maria Agapkina, founder and chief-designer.

The outfits from Monosuit come with matching face masks and gloves


Joe Doucet’s face shields are both stylish and futuristic New York designer Joe Doucet came out with a new line of face shields in April, that are minimalistic in design, and can be worn just like a pair of sunglasses. They scream both chic and futuristic.

The picture of Karen Hinrichs Lukes, which went viral has the designer sporting an "apocalypse-wear"
Several designers are now also pondering the comeback of Victorian-style hats and petticoats. Designer Karen Hinrichs Lukes recently went viral for sporting this apocalypse-wear – a black hoop skirt with a beak-nosed mask – to a grocery store.

TDL Paris’ "No Touch Tool" keychain
TDL Paris, a brand specialising in minimalistic accessories, launched a sleek gold keychain, the ‘No touch tool,’ in April, that allows one to open door handles, and push buttons and screens, without any contact, and goes perfectly with any outfit.
WHAT’S NEXT FOR SAFE FASHION ‘"Our jeans still come with watch pockets even though we don’t use them. Rivets still hold our pockets strong, when that strength is no longer being tested. It is time that these unused and unreasoned trends get replaced by new ones. The positive impact that I hope this pandemic leaves behind is the evolution of travel wear and daily wear to incorporate sanitary requirements. There’s […]