By A couple of blocks from the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo sits a charming, old-world flower shop with black-and-white striped awnings and flower box-framed windows. The building’s style, as well as the nature-inspired floral designs created inside, flow from the imagination of Asha Renew, owner and designer of Wilder Floral Co. Her shop’s European style takes its cues from a flower shop Renew visited while on vacation in Italy. “I went inside and the owner gave me a bouquet,” Renew said. “The whole thing glowed like a little jewel box. I loved that vibe and wanted to bring it here.” Get unlimited digital access for just $3.99 a month to #ReadLocal anytime, on any device. Renew, a former graphic designer, opened Wilder Floral Co. in May 2014. She and her husband purchased the store from the previous owner, who was retiring. Renew’s decision to launch a floral design business came about rather abruptly once the shop became available. But the seed of the idea was planted back in her childhood when someone anonymously left May Day flowers on her doorstep. “I was looking to do something more creative that had greater purpose,” Renew said. “That moment when I found the flowers on my doorstep, that’s how I wanted to make others feel as well — surprise, awe, curiosity and a child’s sense of wonder.” Not only does Renew create beautiful, natural-looking floral arrangements, but she also sources all of her materials locally so they are at their peak of freshness. Since Renew lives in Nipomo, where many farms are located, she’s able to go out in the morning and collect fresh plant materials directly from the farmers. “I’m like a chef who collects ingredients to make something really special,” Renew explained. SLO flower shop offers Valentine’s Day […]