Danziger has become the exclusive worldwide distributor of Montiplanta Gerbera varieties and the supplier of plant material worldwide after an agreement was signed between Danziger and Rise and Shine.

Rise and Shine is an Indian biotech company that recently acquired Montiplanta’s genetics as a part of its floriculture activities.

Montiplanta was established 27 years ago in Portugal, and focuses on the breeding of various Gerberas varieties, such as the well-known BRAKEDANCE, LIVIA and HAIMI (see image below).

“We believe that this collaboration and the addition of world-class Gerbera genetics by Montiplanta will enable us to provide our customers with a complete assortment and will benefit all of our growers with new, high quality Gerbera’s assortment,” says Danzinger chief executive officer and co-owner Gaby Danziger. “We chose this partnership with Montiplanta because we believe they have a unique added value that will enable growers to enjoy a higher yield while applying simple cultivation practice.”

Dudu Yarkoni, owner and head of Montiplanta’s breeding, adds: “All gerbera varieties were bred for natural conditions, high light radiation, heat resistance and are suitable for all kinds of greenhouses. We found the strategic cooperation with Danziger an opportunity to build a stronger presence and availability in all global flower markets, as well as expand our exposure and sales within Europe”

Montiplanta’s varieties are now available for trials. Contact them for more information: Marketing@danziger.co.il