Floral Designer Katya Huter from the Netherlands shares her recent design featuring Enchanté™ by Danziger.

Drawing upon her expertise and creative vision, Huter recently curated a mesmerizing visual spectacle featuring Danziger’s Enchanté™.

Katya Huter shares:

“The main character of my design was, of course, Danzinger’s Enchanté™ with its secret charm lying in its beautiful full blossoms, possessing a gorgeous deep purple color with faint blue undertones. Elegantly shaped side branches adorn each stem, making them ideal for natural-looking installations and arrangements,”

close up of enchante statice flower
Design and photo by Katya Huter

“Just a few noteworthy facts about Enchanté™ I think are worth mentioning:

  1. The Enchante™ doesn’t have any odor –  this is quite interesting in comparison to other Limonium.
  2. The flower has a unique structure and a voluminous inflorescence like no other Limonium making it possible for flowers to be interwoven between inflorescences.”

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floral display using purple statice
Floral design and photo by Katya Huter