This bouquet with three styles of roses, peonies, dahlias and carnations is Tiffany Wright’s favorite piece she has created so far. Copper Fox Contrived was created in the minds of husband and wife – but mostly wife – duo Kyle and Tiffany Wright.

“See, I like to be crafty and Kyle likes for there not to be paint, flowers, vinyl and wood scraps strewn across the house,” she said. “So what is a wife to do? Stop crafting? Throw it all away?”

Wright did not sacrifice her creative outlet or turn in her sanity for a tidy home. Instead, she started her small business in hopes of turning a profit.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she said. “Our home still looks like a craft bomb exploded but husbands tend to complain less if your mess makes money.”

Wright unofficially started her business about two years ago. Originally, she made things as a hobby for family and friends before deciding to take the leap to a full-time business.

She has always been interested in all forms of art.

“I’ve always been a very hands-on craft-type person,” she said. “This outlet saves my sanity.”

Wright is a florist. Her talent and creativity are on full display in the works of art she creates for Copper Fox Contrived.

Wright’s floral arrangements are unique. They are elegant, long-lasting and even pollen-free. Copper Fox

This bouquet with three styles of roses, peonies, dahlias and carnations is Tiffany Wright’s favorite piece she has created so far. IMG_0501.jpg



IMG_0519.jpg IMG_0524.jpg IMG_0526.jpg IMG_0531.jpg IMG_0535.jpg IMG_0542.jpg IMG_0550.jpg IMG_0551.jpg IMG_0558.jpg Sometimes they are beautiful bouquets which perfectly complement a bride’s attire. From peonies and roses to lilies and tulips, there are endless possibilities of floral combinations to enhance wedding themes or countless other special occasions. Corsages, birthday bouquets, Mother’s Day gifts, wall decor and more are some of the most popular items Wright has made.The wonderful thing is all of her creative work becomes keepsakes. The flowers do not die because they are hand-made wooden creations.Wright even hand paints the faux flowers herself.“I do all the things a florist can do plus I make home décor,” said Wright, “and I hand paint all of my flowers. I can do any colors your heart desires.”Wright said she and her husband brainstormed for a long time to come up with a business name. Eventually they landed on Copper Fox Contrived.“I almost called it ’Till Death’ since my flowers never die but we felt that was too dark,” said Wright. Support Local Journalism She said anyone in need of wedding or special occasion flowers, a gift, custom orders or even “just a kind gesture,” can visit Copper Fox Contrived’s Facebook page or email at .“We craft everything from wall décor to custom wedding arrangements so take a look and enable me to continue to be a craft addict,” said Wright. “Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send me an email.”To create a floral piece, Wright just goes for it.“I find that I will often say I’m done […]