Creative Idea’s for Mother’s Day and Beyond

Creative Idea’s for Mother’s Day and Beyond

Creative Idea’s for Mother’s Day and Beyond

Celebrate Mother’s Day with unconventional flowers and fabulous floral delivery services from Tokyo to LA. Blooming marvelous

Cover Flower arrangements by Hattie Molloy

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a bouquet of flowers. Unless, of course, you’ve chosen an arrangement that in no way suits its recipient’s taste or style. To help prevent any flower faux pas, we’ve scoured the world to find the most innovative florists offering door-to-door delivery of everything from multi-colored extravaganzas to classic red roses.

Flowers may fade, but these outlandish bouquets will hold a permanent place in your memory.

Los Angeles


brrch flowers bouquet of colourful flowers and feathers against green background

Brrch’s creations look like the sumptuous bouquets of the 17th-century Dutch masters might if they were rendered in highlighters rather than oil paints. Currently LA-based (with a New York operation that is on pause), Brrch creates arrangements that are so exuberant in their execution that they almost verge on the vulgar. These are unforgettable, and ultimately delightful, visual treats.

New York

Flower Bodega

Pink floral arrangement New York City based Flower Bodega

Native New Yorker Aurea Sanabria Molaei opened Flower Bodega in 2015 as a homage to the colorful floral history of her hometown.

As a teenager, Molaei would regularly buy flowers from her local Bronx bodegas and experiment with different arrangements crafted from the grocery store’s vibrant array. Years later, she honed her skills with formal training at The New York Botanical Garden before opening her shop in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood.

This Mother’s Day, Flower Bodega is offering a number of festive gift sets that pair its signature arrangements with sweet treats from the Michelin star Musket Room or lipsticks by Finding Ferdinand. You can also sign up for a virtual floral arranging class to take with your mom.



Brooklyn, New York florist Wife painted anthurium stems in lavender in pink squares

Wife is the brainchild of Sophie Parker, who, with a background in painting, applies her brush to leaves and flowers to create botanicals that are truly works of art. Through the website of New York-based jewelry brand Mociun, Parker is now offering one-of-a-kind, hand-painted anthurium stems, ideal for those who want something more interesting than the typical bouquet.

Meta Flora

dark purple and white flowers in black bowl against white background made by Meta Flora in New York

Like Wife, Meta Flora places emphasis on the form of individual flowers to create arrangements that are offbeat but still beautifully cohesive. The florist for Dimes restaurant – a pre-Covid-19 watering hole for Manhattan’s creative set – Meta Flora has secured its place as one of the city’s edgiest botanical suppliers.

FDK Florals

Floral arrangement designed by FDK florists in Brooklyn

Brooklyn-based FDK Florals is the exuberant creation of Fernando Kabigting. Previously a handbag designer at Calvin Klein, Kabigting created FDK Florals as a one-stop-shop for inventive yet elegant floral designs. Arrangements can be ordered individually or through a weekly subscription service on FDK’s website.



Bouquet by Miami florist Calma featuring big light pink flowers surrounding by smaller pink and white flowers

Calma is a Miami-based floral studio that creates buoyant bouquets infused with a tropical flavor. All of Calma’s arrangements are created from what is fresh at the market that morning, making each of them a joyful surprise for whoever is lucky enough to receive them.



 Flùr Toronto flower arrangements of individual flowers in three pastel geometric vases

Toronto’s Flùr is much more than a flower shop. With a space designed by MSDS Studio, Flùr hosts exhibitions; commissions and retails ceramics by local Canadian designers and international brands; and sells tools, stationery, potted plants, and floral arrangements.

Our favorite arrangement is Flùr’s Ceramic Bud Vase Trio, which offers unusual fresh or dried flowers in a set of geometric vases by DA Ceramics made exclusively for the store.

Mexico City

Flores La Fe

Flores La Fe Mexico City florist arrangement of pink and blue flowers in green glass vase against white wall

Flores La Fe produces bouquets that embody the vibrancy of Mexico City. Founded by designer Carla Valdivia and her collaborator Roberto Sanchez, the studio creates riotous combinations of technicolor flowers that can be ordered via direct email.



Orchid arrangements and vases designed by Tableau Copenhagen against light purple background

Copenhagen’s Tableau is a Wallpaper* favorite, having been included in our Design Awards and World View series. Lockdown forced founder and floral designer Julius Værnes Iversen to press pause on the extravagant installations the studio is best known for and start a home delivery service for smaller-scale arrangements through Instagram. The studio’s own geometric, steel vases make the perfect complement to its exotic blooms and are available through the webstore.


Baltimore Bloemen

Mark Colle makes some pretty fashionable flowers. The Antwerp-based florist has collaborated with Dries Van NotenAnn Demeulemeester and, most notably, Raf Simons, with whom he worked on the floral walls of the Dior 2012 couture show.

Colle’s singular eye for florals can be appreciated year-round at his shop Baltimore Bloemen. Located steps away from the Rubens House, the store is itself a work of art, with a tightly packed array of rare flowers and plants on display and available for custom arrangement.


Ronny Colbie

Ronny Colbie London pink and white poppy bouquet in green vase

Ronny Colbie’s seasonal array of bouquets are inspired by unforgettable destinations around the UK. The latest collection, Jurassic Coast, features four bouquets of dried roses, pampas grass, poppy heads and heather inspired by a stretch of coastline known for craggy rocks and ancient fossils.

All of the bouquets can be turned into a gift set with Ronny Colbie’s own candles, stationery, hand soap, and liquor.



London florist Fjura arrangement of green and purple flowers against white background

London-based florist Fjura creates ikebana-esque compositions with richly petaled flowers – roses, peonies, wisteria – that combine English romanticism and a stripped-down structure. Having collaborated with GucciHermès and Chanel, Fjura has won the admiration of fashion’s biggest tastemakers, but that doesn’t mean its bouquets are only for a select crowd. Custom-made arrangements can be ordered through Fjura’s website for a starting price of £100.


London florist palais bouquet of multi-coloured flowers against pink wall

For Palais founder Emma Weaver, every bouquet is its own playful experiment. ‘We love questioning the conventional idea of a flower’s natural form,’ she says, ’turning them inside out and, often quite literally, upside down.’

The brightly coloured arrangements are innovative in composition and often include unexpected materials, such as chains, lights and fabrics. The Shoreditch-based studio has collaborated with HermèsBurberry and Wallpaper*, and offers individual bouquets for purchase on its website.


sage flowers in south london bouquet against bright yellow background

South London’s Sage was founded by friends Iona Mathieson and Romy St Clair as an innovative alternative to the typical flower shop. The pair look to a wide array of sources, including architecture, furniture design and graphic posters, to inspire the colors, forms and textures of their singular arrangements.

Since it was launched three years ago, Sage has garnered an exalted status among floral studios and has landed campaigns with Gucci and Paul Smith. For Mathieson and St Clair, it’s intrinsic that they use their platform to encourage diversity within the industry. The pair identify themselves as ‘advocates for young female entrepreneurship, diversifying and decolonizing floristry and sustainability’. To that end, they recently launched FutureFlowers, England’s first free training course in floristry for people of non-white ethnicity.

This month, in the giving spirit of Ramadan, Sage will also donate 20% of their home delivery sales on Tuesday 11th May and Friday 14th May to the grassroots charity Jusoor, which seeks to support displaced Syrian youths.


Floral arrangement designed by FLWR London featuring purple, white, green, and yellow flowers

Flwr is a new addition to London floristry, launched during the pandemic. The studio’s Fresh Take series offers monthly arrangements inspired by a range of ‘muses’. Recently featured was a bouquet inspired by River Café chef George Williams, who delivered brown paper bag meals throughout the pandemic. This month’s bouquet takes inspiration from Isabelle Lynch, head of wine for wine education start-up Wine List, and upcoming is an arrangement for Jack Baxter, co-founder of youth charity The New Normal.

Each of the bouquets will be designed to reflect the muse’s personality, with 50 per cent of profits going to a charity of their choice.


Castor Fleuriste

Paris based Castor flowers arrangement with single pink flower amongst dark blue and light purple hay in white vase

Louis-Géraud Castor worked as an art dealer for 15 years before opening his flower shop in Paris’ Marais neighborhood. He cites ‘abstraction’ and ‘brutalism’ as artistic styles of particular importance to him, and their influence is clear in his floral compositions, which tend to pair painterly blooms with weighty stone vases for a striking juxtaposition.

Désirée Fleurs

Yellow, green, pink, and purple floral arrangement by Désirée Fleurs in Paris

Désirée Fleurs is a cafe and flower shop created located in Paris’ 11th arrondissement. The brainchild of two best friends, Désirée is a loving homage to the flowers of France. All of the flowers are locally sourced and only 15 bouquets are made a day to ensure every creation is crated with the utmost care.

Arrangements can be ordered online, but we recommend visiting the Désirée Fleurs and sitting down for lunch in the cafe where you can satisfy your taste for beautiful scenery and delicious food in one go.



Fioraio Bianchi Caffè

flower display at Fioraio Bianchi Caffè in Milan

Fine food and fine flowers are on the menu at the Fioraio Bianchi Caffè. Located in the Brera design district for over 40 years, Fioraio Bianchi Caffè has established itself as a reliable spot to pick up an elegant bouquet and, while you’re there, maybe an aperitivo too.


Lacy Bird

Lacy Bird Moscow florist bouquet of green leaves and figs against blue background

With their bold floral combinations and experimental colors, Lacy Bird’s arrangements look like they’ve been harvested from Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris rather than Earth. Yet for all their otherworldliness, the bouquets are so beguiling that they’re well suited to any earthling’s home. They look good in advertisements too, as evidenced by the store’s inclusion in Prada’s Resort 2020 ‘flower kiosk’-themed campaign.


Jardins des Fleurs

Jardines des Fluers Toyko store interior which is designed as flower ’butchery’ with steel tables and flower fridge

Jardins des Fleurs is the Tokyo concept store of acclaimed flower artist Makoto Azuma and photographer Shiinoki Shunsuke. The shop is imagined as a ‘flower butchery’, where white-coated employees remove ‘living’ flowers from a fridge in the center of the store, before cutting and arranging them on steel tabletops.

Azuma’s boundary-pushing vision has resulted in some of the most innovative creations in modern floral design. Past projects include freezing flowers in blocks of ice for a Dries Van Noten show and shooting a 50-year-old bonsai tree into space. While the individual arrangements available at the Jardins des Fleurs shop may not be as experimental, they’re guaranteed to be no less memorable.



McQueen’s flowers of London, Seoul, and New York bouquet of pink and white flowers and green stems against pink background

McQueens operates within the more traditional milieu of flower arranging, eschewing the cacophonous colors and experimental forms of many other contemporary florists in favor of bouquets that celebrate the natural beauty of the flowers themselves. Alongside a floristry school, and arrangements for weddings and events, a range of sure-fired crowdpleasers – a bouquet of red roses, a bunch of white anemones – are available from McQueens Seoul when you contact the business directly. McQueens also has New York and London locations.


Opm Florist

pink orchids and green jungle leaves by opm florists

Taipei’s Opm Fllorist was established seven months ago with custom-made bouquets that ’present flowers as art.’ The bouquets can be ordered from Opm’s Instagram.



Humid House

Singapore florist Humid House bouquet made of pink and flowers against white background

The horticulture and visual culture of Singapore combine in the floristry of Humid House. Since 2014, the studio has used locally sourced flowers and foliage to create arrangements that are ‘reflective of the climate, geography and collective culture’ of its native Singapore. As such, the joyful bouquets are brimming with verdant plants and tropical blooms that speak of the city-state’s endless summer.


Hattie Molloy

hattie molloy white and pink flowers against pink background

Melbourne-based botanical artist Hattie Molloy has become an Instagram phenomenon with her arrangements that are ikebana in style and Crayola in color palette. Although Molloy only offers her floral services for editorials and events, admirers of her work can purchase framed prints, T-shirts and mugs adorned with her exuberant bouquets at her online shop.


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