“Miniature moth orchids and foam triangles combine to form a contemporary floral necklace” 

Think outside the jewelry box! This simple yet sophisticated statement piece is well-suited for modern brides, art lovers and fashion trendsetters alike. Its high-end optics are surprisingly achieved by first constructing a bib-style necklace structure with craft-foam pieces in graduated sizes of isosceles triangles, then stringing them onto supporting decorative wire. Upon completion, this wearable design is lightweight, inexpensive and a unique way to accessorize a wide range of outfits. Follow floral designer and innovator Stacey Carlton, AIFD, EMC, as she demonstrates how to make this dream necklace a wearable reality.


Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis amabilis) from supplier of your choice; Oasis Aluminum Wire (Silver) and Oasis Floral Adhesive from Smithers-Oasis North America; foam sheets from craft store.


Step 1: Cut craft foam sheets into isosceles triangles, in graduated sizes, using a rotary cutter. Next cut 12-gauge silver aluminum wire to desired length.

Step 2: Thread the triangular foam pieces individually onto the aluminum wire by piercing them with the wire at approximately the same position, until you have reached desired length. Start with the smallest pieces, graduating to the largest pieces moving to the center, and finishing with smaller pieces at the other end of the necklace.

Step 3: Curl the ends of the wire with needle-nose or jewelry pliers.

Step 4: Add a modest amount of liquid floral adhesive to the stems and backs of moth orchid blooms. Allow the adhesive to become tacky.

Step 5: Place the orchid blooms onto the foam pieces.