Autumnal Altar Design

Autumnal Altar Design

This sensuous and moody altar arrangement features complex hues and organic textures, creating a dramatic wedding design featuring garden roses from Alexandra Farms.

Step 1

Place floral foam into an urn container, and secure the foam with waterproof tape.

Step 2

Wind vines around the floral foam at the rim of the container, and secure the vines to the foam with wired wood picks. Arrange branches of Japanese maple, creating a slightly diagonal line.

Step 3

Arrange Magnolia, Nandina, Helleborus and Aralia foliage to further develop the form of the design. Air-brush some leaves with gold and brown floral spray paint.

Step 4

Arrange ‘Tiara’ garden roses deep into design to create visual depth. Arrange ‘Quicksand’ roses above the ‘Tiara’ garden roses. Accent the focal area with a few ‘Senlitsu’ garden roses.

Step 5

Wire a variety of succulents, and anchor them into the base of the design. Finish by placing a few stems of volunteer vines.

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