Judy Kramer is surprised and delighted by a delivery of flowers from BigHearted Blooms. Kramer, a resident at the Willensky Residence at Montefiore, an assisted-living memory care communty, enjoyed the visit from Blooms founder Sue Buddenbaum and volunteers. The organization repurposes donated used flowers, giving them a second life and bringing joy to people who might need a little happiness in their day. (Lynn Ischay/The Plain Dealer) You could’ve knocked 95-year-old Judy Kramer over with a rose petal. BigHearted Blooms did just that when the nonprofit group recently presented Kramer and other residents of the Willensky Residence at Montefiore in Beachwood with bouquets of flowers repurposed from the floral arrangements of weddings, funerals and other sources. “Gorgeous flowers! Beautiful flowers!” Kramer beamed, as Frank Sinatra crooned “Luck Be A Lady” in the background. Sue Buddenbaum, founder of BigHearted Blooms, delivers a vase full of recycled flowers to Joyce Zabell, at Willensky Residence at Montefiore, an assisted-living memory care facility. Buddenbaum wanted to do something meaningful after her cancer treatment was through, and decided on bringing flowers to people to brighten their days. The flowers are recycled, donated after weddings and funerals and big events. Volunteers dismantle the arrangements, revitalize the flowers, and create new arrangements in vases that are also donated. Volunteers deliver the fresh arrangements to nursing home residents, veterans, people in hospital, and anyone who might have their spirit lifted by a surprise gift. (Lynn Ischay/The Plain Dealer) An unexpected gift of caring Then, Kramer wondered why she was getting them. “Me? Is it [for] me?” Absolutely. For her, and other elderly residents coping with Alzheimer’s or dementia at the residenc e . And for people in area nursing homes, assisted living and veterans facilities, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, and other places where someone could use […]