DuBOIS — Brady Street Florist Owner Jennifer Jackson, who has been creating flower arrangements in DuBois for just about any occasion for nearly 35 years, says despite the hardships of 2020, it has been a “blessing in disguise.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the evolving word of social media and online sales, Jackson said she has had to “rethink” her business.

This year, Jackson said she has had less staff, doing lots of things herself. Fortunately, she had a “very good year.” The flower business boomed this year, bringing brightness to people who were feeling the effects of 2020.

“I’ve had so many flower deliveries this year, going to people who were depressed,” she said. “People needed flowers more than ever.”

There have been so many deliveries and curbside pickups, Jackson said, that she realized she can transition her storefront to more of an online business and encourage more to take advantage of the pre-ordering process.

“Right now, we’re selling a lot of flowers to nursing homes,” she said. “In the past two weeks, the number of people we’ve delivered to who have COVID or are quarantining has been phenomenal.”

However, there has been the misconception that Jackson will be closing her storefront all together, which isn’t fact, she says. She will still be carrying some sympathy items for walk ins.

“This is an evolving process,” she said. “I have to make changes for my business — I’m cutting back what I carry and how I sell it.” Examples would be décor, silks and gift items.

“I want to stress to people that I’m still here — this is a developing ‘new normal’ for me,” she said.

COVID-19 has forced business owners to change the way they do things, and with the uncertainty of the future and next year, Jackson is following the trend.

Much of the items Brady Street Florist will no longer be carrying are currently 50 percent off, and what is left next year will most likely be transitioned to being sold online.

Jackson, who had COVID and had to shutdown in November, said there is also the misconception that she is still sick at this time, which is untrue.

The pandemic has been an unexpected blessing, allowing Jackson to enjoy her life more and “reinvent herself,” she says, remembering why she got involved with the flower business in the first place.“I enjoyed doing my business on my own terms this year,” she said. “Flowers are what I’m knowledgeable about and what I enjoy.”Jackson has been using her large Facebook following to post and sell items, and is working on revamping www.bradystreetflorist.com . Brady Street Florist Owner Jennifer Jackson stands in front of her downtown shop earlier this year.