Bride and florist team up to donate flowers after postponing wedding due to coronavirus concerns

Bride and florist team up to donate flowers after postponing wedding due to coronavirus concerns

Angela Mandigo Angela Mandigo (NEW YORK) — When a bride’s big day was canceled because of coronavirus concerns, her and her florist teamed up to create a silver lining by spreading joy to others. Keali Lay, 28, and her fiancé Jeff Scheider, 31, got engaged on Labor Day weekend and were set to have their wedding ceremony on March 21 in Bluffton, South Carolina. The cake, flowers and DJ were ready to go, but after President Donald Trump encouraged no gatherings larger than 10 people, Lay’s venue called to cancel the ceremony, "I was really, really upset, but I had known deep down that this was going to happen," Lay said. "We’d rather have our big day later and make sure everyone is safe. I was really, really emotional. We were just sad." Now just five days out from their wedding, Lay set out to call her vendors and inform them that she had to cancel. She especially wanted to reach out to her florist, Angela Mandigo, because she knew her flowers had likely already come in — which meant the company would be losing money. Lay called Mandigo and informed her the wedding had been postponed. Not wanting the flowers to go to waste, Mandigo suggested that Lay donate the flowers to people in the community who may need cheering up. "She was so grateful they weren’t going to be thrown away," Mandigo said. "I asked her if we could donate them to make somebody happy and she said, ‘Absolutely.’ She was ecstatic." The flowers were donated to several different people. One woman gave them to her friend who just found out she had colon cancer, another gave the flowers to her mom, who was coming out of the hospital, and another donation went to a woman who […]

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