With the growing challenge of plastics in the environment, it is more urgent than ever to find sustainable solutions. Chrysal International B.V. has introduced a new and fully recyclable paper flower food sachet.

This new Chrysal Paper paper sachet not only reduces the use of plastic, but it can either be recycled, composted or re-used.

Chrysal’s new Paper flower food sachet is 100 per cent recyclable and contributes to a circular economy. Achieving a circular economy is important for the environment, there is no waste and resources are being re-used over and over again. No non-renewable resources are exhausted and residual materials are fully re-used in the system. As an added bonus, the Chrysal Paper sachet contains Chrysal Universal flower food that keeps flowers beautiful up to 60 percent longer (than without).

The new Chrysal Paper sachet is part of the company’s sustainable flower food sachets line, consisting of the Compostable sachet, the Recyclable Plastic sachet and now also the Paper sachet. Ten years ago, the company began with Chrysal Cares, its sustainability program. By using Chrysal products, significantly less water is used and flower wastage and packaging material is reduced.

By 2022 Chrysal says it wants 50 percent of its sachet packaging to be either recyclable, compostable or re-usable. For more information on the new Paper flower food sachet, visit www.chrysal.com/chrysalcares.