#CoronavirusSolidarity diary: Florist gives flowers ‘free of charge’ to Glasnevin Cemetery Welcome to the Irish Examiner’s #CoronavirusSolidarity diary. In the days and weeks ahead we will be highlighting for posterity those stories which capture the unique community spirit of Ireland’s repsonse to the ongoing crisis. Please let us know about community initiatives which have been set up to offer support to those most impacted by the crisis or examples of people who are going above and beyond the call of duty. Tag us at @irishexaminer and use #CoronavirusSolidarity. Monday, March 23 Forget me not "For the first time in 26 years we are not here to see you," read the note on a table full of flowers at Glasnevin Cemetery yesterday. Due to social distancing requirements, a florist, local to the well-known cemetery, was unable to open their shop so in a bid to put a smile of the faces of those who maybe visiting their Mother’s graves, they decided to give flower away free of charge. "This filled my heart.There are no words," tweeted one touched passerby. Sunday, March 22 Two weeks in, #selfisolationhelp is going strong Almost 8,000 volunteers have signed up to a support system designed to mobilise members of the community to help those in need during the coronavirus outbreak. What began less than a fortnight ago as the Twitter hashtag #selfisolationhelp has mushroomed to such a degree that volunteers are making themselves available all over the country via the website www.localsupport.ie to carry out simple everyday tasks such as grocery shopping or picking up prescriptions, on behalf of those forced to self isolate. Former BBC One executive and former director of RTÉ TV Helen O’Rahilly, who is one of the key people behind the movement, said they are in for the long haul. “This […]