Danziger’s 20-21 annuals catalog features new series’, innovative varieties, and progressive programs that all have one goal: to provide solutions for growers, retailers, and the end consumer.

The 20-21 introductions include totally new series’ that bring true innovation with unique color patterns, improved efficiencies, and enhanced profitability for growers as well as retailers. As is true with all Danziger breeding, there is also a continued focus on garden performance for the end consumer. The new series include: SOL-LUNA™ Hybrid Impatiens, HARMONY® COLORFALL New Guinea Impatiens, SCOOP® Petunia, SPLASH DANCE™ Petunia, OMBRE™ Calibrachoa, DARLIN’™ Dahlia and GLOW™ Lobelia. Danziger is also bringing a revolutionary new combo program to the North American market named DURABELLA®.

With more than 100 novelties, 70 crops and 650 varieties, Danziger is presenting two catalogs. There is one for Europe and rest of the world as well as a second version for the North American market. Both catalogs can be downloaded directly from the following link: Catalog.

“When it comes to new varieties and new programs, we do everything with the grower in mind,” says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO. “Over the past few years, we’ve had a larger international team looking at our new genetics. That knowledgeable team not only helps us choose the best plants, they help us choose varieties that can solve the challenges growers face every day.” Those solutions help growers work more efficiently, ultimately allowing their business to be more profitable. “We’re talking about genetics that require less inputs, series’ that stay naturally uniform and varieties that are easier and less time intensive to grow. Best of all, these plants look great longer at retail, provide excellent performance in the home garden and the feedback from our customers’ trials is excellent” he added.
Amir Zuker, VP Research and Development Manager said: This year marks a real burst of innovation that we have been working on for a long time. We are excited to see the results of precise breeding and the success of the Verbena series that proves to be powdery mildew resistant. The Verbena series has great uniformity and a wide range of bright colors that do not cycle out of colors”.

Here’s a sneak peek to the exciting new plants and programs that are included in Danziger 20-21 Annuals catalog:

SOL-LUNA™ Impatiens Hybrid – Brand New 2021 Series
Danziger is improving Hybrid Impatiens with a series that really delivers in both sun and shade. SOL LUNA™ takes the guess work out of gardening for homeowners. Just plant SOL LUNA anywhere and it will deliver bright, beautiful color! For growers, SOL LUNA is a compact, well-matched series that is perfect for packs, quarts and gallons. The new series is available in four vibrant colors including Tropical Punch, Candy Apple, Pink and Dark Lavender.

HARMONY® COLORFALL New Guinea Impatiens – Brand New 2021 Series
Are you ready for a true breeding breakthrough in New Guinea Impatiens? HARMONY® COLORFALL is the first trailing line of NGI on the market. COLORFALL features all the wonderful traits of the HARMONY series, including large flowers and uniform growth, with a unique trailing habit. This innovative New Guinea series is available in four colors including White, Light Pink, Neon Red and Pink. It is perfect for adding a new twist to shade hanging baskets and combos.

SCOOP® Petunia – Brand New 2021 Series
SCOOP® Petunias provide a bright scoop of color in a compact serving. SCOOP stays naturally compact, with minimal or no PGRs, making it a great choice for high density production. This series was selected because of its performance in small pots and packs with a stunning mound of color. Choose from eight colors including Watermelon, Lemon Ice and Cherry Gelato.

SPLASH DANCE™ Petunia – Brand New 2021 Series
Get ready to show off your dance moves with the new Splash Danceװ Petunia series. Splash Dance brings more enjoyment to the speckled pattern petunia world, as this series holds its pattern longer into the heat. This series blooms early enough for any market and is available in Bolero Blue, Purple Polka and Magenta Mambo. All three colors add a little speckled swagger to gallons and hanging baskets.

CAPELLA™ Petunia – New 2021 Varieties
The perfect petunia gets even better with the addition of four new colors. Cherry Vanilla, Purple, Salmon and Soft Yellow join the CAPELLA series in 2021. CAPELLA is quickly becoming a grower favorite. This innovative petunia performs well in propagation, requires minimal PGR to create a tidy quart and blooms early enough for any petunia program. CAPELLA creates stunning quarts, baskets and combos that draw the eye at retail and continue to perform in the home garden. The five new colors mean the CAPELLA series
is available in more than a dozen color options.

VANESSA™ Verbena – New 2021 Varieties
Home gardeners are looking for dependable, season-long color and VANESSA™ Verbena delivers. Trialed and selected for superior mildew tolerance and cycling of color, both VANESSA and VANESSA Compact varieties bring vibrant blooms that hold their color even in the heat of summer. Look for three new colors in the VANESSA series and new VANESSA Compact Optik Lavender. The Vanessa series is already considered to be one of the leading Verbena series in the market, due to its unique advantages.

HIPPY CHICK™ Violet Petunia
Growers looking for a unique petunia to add to premium baskets and combos will love HIPPY CHICK Violet. This new flower child variety doesn’t conform to petunia norms. Its blooms feature a very unique shape and vivid, violet color that is rimmed in bright white. HIPPY CHICK is a standout, adding a bohemian flair to any garden.

DuraBella® Combination Program
Danziger is bringing a revolutionary new combo program to the North American market. The program features curated combos that pair well-matched and well behaved varieties together to create stunning combos consumers will love. These two and three plant recipes work together to create long-lasting baskets that perform throughout the season.

“One of the biggest benefits to growers and consumers is longevity,” says Mike Fernandez, market manager for North America. “The combos look great longer at retail. Then, when a consumer takes them home, they will continue to grow and perform without one variety taking over the whole container. These combos keep the look of the beautiful mix of plants throughout the season.”

About Danziger
Danziger, a global leading breeder of bedding plants and cut flowers, holds hundreds of patents and breeder’s rights and offers over 600 different plant varieties, sold in more than 65 countries. The company’s R&D department is one of the largest in the field, and it operates advanced production sites on three continents. Danziger markets its varieties to approximately 1,000 customers and holds more than 200 license agreements with nurseries worldwide.

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