How To Create Unique Textured Designed Centerpiece

How To Create Unique Textured Designed Centerpiece

Learn how to use a wire armature to create a rim design featuring a textural mix of floral blooms that unifies the differences beautifully. Shop these items at www.cart.lenbuschroses.com List of Ingredients: – Alstroemeria Pink, Marilyn – Lege Pink Antique Carnation – Chocolate Cosmos – Chocolate Lace – Chrysanthemum Batman – Pink Alliance Gerbera – Burgundy Agonis Foliage – Red Leucadendron – Antique Red Hydrangea – Chocolate Hypericum – Red Kangaroo Paw – Red Hanging Pepper Berry – Amnesia Rose – Blackberry Scabiosa – Scabiosa Pod – Pink Veronica Tools Needed: – Rustic Wire (To build armature) – Wire Cutters – Wide low container of choice

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