This delightful seasonal woodland centerpiece
has massive consumer appeal and showcases
bare-root bulb flowers and the trendy
Japanese plant-growing art of kokedama.

Inspired by the Japanese pot-less plant-growing art of kokedama (wrapping a plant’s soil-covered rootball in moss and binding it with string, monofilament or decorative wire), this spring woodland centerpiece concept has many décor applications, from homes and offices to parties and events. Also, it can be created in any length needed or even as smaller individual designs that can be used singularly or in multiples to create a composite centerpiece. If a hollow log is not available, place strips of tree bark into and around the design to achieve a similar look.

Bare-root Narcissus (miniature daffodil) bulbs are nestled into a nature-influenced composition of green and white botanicals arranged to resemble a forest floor. Birds-nest-fern kokedamas, incorporated into and around the design, add a modern, trend-forward element to and extend the dimension of this serene design, which receives unexpected contrast from matte-black Christmas ornaments. NOTE: Unlike true kokedamas, the birds-nest-fern plants used here are in pots.




STEP 1: Soak bricks of OASIS Midnight Floral Foam in flower-food solution, place them into shallow tray containers and anchor the floral in the containers with waterproof tape. Nestle the floral-foam-filled trays into a long hollow log, and conceal the trays with Sphagnum moss.

STEP 2: Remove miniature daffodil bulbs from their pots, and wash off all soil from the bulbs and roots.

STEP 3: Create several kokedama-inspired “plant moss balls” (there are five in this design) by wrapping 2-inch pots of bird’s-nest-ferns with Sphagnum moss and binding the moss to the pots with green bullion wire.

STEP 4: Insert wood picks into bases of nine miniature daffodil bulbs – two picks in each bulb.

STEP 5: Insert the wood-pick-studded daffodil bulbs into the floral foam, in varying positions and levels. Arrange stems of Dianthus ‘Green Ball’ into the floral foam near the daffodil bulbs.

STEP 6: Tuck two of the bird’s-nest-fern kokedamas into the design, saving the others for placement on the tabletop, around the centerpiece.

STEP 7: Arrange tufts of Hydrangea blossoms, Hypericum, variegated ivy and Japanese maple branches throughout the composition to create a rhythmically and texturally pleasing design.

STEP 8: Glue the metal caps onto five or so glass Christmas ornaments, and attach a wired wood pick to each of the wire hangers. Nestle the ornaments throughout the design, securing them in place by inserting the wood picks into the floral foam.