A hip and trendy alternative to the traditional flower-girl basket.

Bind two brass hoops together by wrapping a 1- to 2-inch section of both hoops with gold metallic wire. TIP: Adding an adhesive dash to the joined section of the hoops may assist with binding.

Form damp sheet moss into a loose ball, and insert the roots of three or four spider-plant plantlets. Wrap the moss ball (kokedama) with bullion wire until it’s firm and secure. SALES TIP: The spider-plant kokedama can be maintained after the wedding as lasting memento.

Pry apart slightly the brass hoops (opposite the bound section), and place the spider-plant kokedama between the two hoops. Secure the spider-plant kokedama in place, between the hoops, with bullion wire.

Add blooms and snippets of trailing foliage to the spider-plant kokedama by inserting the stems into the moss and securing them in place with liquid floral adhesive.

Flower girls always need something “to have and to hold,” and traditional options have typically been baskets of flowers or flower petals. But with modern brides wanting anything but ordinary and traditional, floral artist Brenna Quan, AIFD, shares this creative alternative, which still gives junior attendants something to carry – just cooler and trendier. In larger sizes, this idea translates beautifully for bridesmaids and even mothers of brides and grooms and is conducive to virtually any types and colors of flowers and foliages.