“Luxurious fabrics accentuate a wintry wreath, complementing its organic vibe” 

You get once chance to make a first impression! Even more reason to keep fresh and organic wreaths at the ready for clients’ homes and office entryways throughout the year. While the symbolism and décor power of a wreath is longstanding, so, too, is the creative importance of ribbon embellishments and how they are utilized to best complement wreath compositions. Here the soft colorations and shimmering textures of dusty rose and gold ribbons with satin and sheer chiffon finishes delight the eyes and create harmony with an assortment of botanicals of your choice – fresh, permanent or both. Here, Christy Hulsey demonstrates a modern take on a wreath designed to showcase ribbons used in a casual, contemporary manner.


Dupioni Supreme ribbon (Ivory and Dusty Rose), Double-faced Satin ribbon (Dusty Rose); Linen Glimmer Harmony ribbon (Ivory/Gold) and Natural Way ribbon (Burgundy) from Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims; Oasis Bind Wire (Brown) from Smithers-Oasis North America; rain tree (Brunfelsia undulata), Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), white pine (Pinus strobus) and grapevine (Vitis spp.) wreath from suppliers of your choice.

Step 1: Select ribbons of various colors, widths and textures that accentuates the chosen botanicals and the client’s décor. Cut ribbons in varying lengths, cinch each length near its center or just off center, adding one ribbon after another, to create a bundle of ribbons. Wire the ribbons together at their cinch points with paper-covered wire.

Step 2: Cluster individual botanicals in groupings, and wire each grouping to the wreath. Avoid creating a specific pattern; casual, random placements are best for this style.

Step 3: Wire the cluster of ribbons to the wreath, allowing the ribbons to drape on both the front and back sides of the composition.