“Untethered creativity and metallic balloon finishes lift décor potential to higher style and levels” 

Ready to raise the wow-factor bar on event décor? Let your imagination take flight from a stunning sculptural balloon statement piece fit for any boardroom, showroom, dining room or ballroom. This on-trend design not only showcases the tremendous possibilities of transforming any space into an unforgettable celebratory atmosphere but also demonstrates the unique scalability that balloon décor can offer.

Speaking of transformative, imagine how these gorgeous balloons will change from elegant to almost effervescent once metallic sheens swap daytime for nighttime lighting that will play off the lustrous surfaces.
Follow burton – BURTON’s step-by-step instructions, and you, too, may be blown away by how easy it is to achieve this crowd-pleaser aesthetic.


Qualatex 11” Pearl White Latex Balloons, Qualatex 11” Pearl Ivory Latex Balloons, Qualatex 11” Chrome Silver Latex Balloons, Qualatex 11” Chrome Gold Latex Balloons, Premium Balloon Accessories Twin-Air Sizer II, Balloon Base and Pole, Balloon Shine, monofi lament 50 lb. test, scissors, stick

Step 1: Double-stuff the balloons to achieve rich custom colors. Color combinations include Chrome Gold inside Pearl White, Pearl Ivory inside Pearl White, and Chrome Silver inside White. Slide the first balloon on the stick and then the second over it.
Step 2: Air-inflate all balloons at various sizes, for an organic look. When inflating, choose two contrasting colors to inflate simultaneously.
Step 3: Once balloons are inflated, press them on a table to give them a round shape.
Step 4: Stretch the neck of the balloons across one another, and tie.
Step 5: Hold balloons close to one another so there is little space when tied.
Step 6: Attach monofi lament to the necks of the balloons.
Step 7: After inflating and tying two more balloons together, combine the two duplets by pushing the necks together and twisting two times to form a quad.
Step 8: Continue the process of combining the duplets to form quads while wrapping the monofi lament through the center of the balloons to secure. Repeat the steps until desired size and shape are achieved.
Step 9: Attach balloons to a base-and-pole by pushing the center of the design onto the pole from the side.
Step 10: Spray Balloon Shine directly onto the balloons, and rub in circular motions, with the glove, to distribute. Balloon Shine reduces oxidation and helps keep balloons shining 10 times longer.