“This creative pendulous-design idea is adaptable to all manner of décor needs throughout the year.” 

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Champagne Glitter Tree Décor (set of 3; 16”, 20”, 24”); 15” Snowy Pine Greenery Wreath with Blue and Silver Ornaments, 16” Snowy Pine Greenery Spray with Blue and Silver Ornaments, Silver Beaded Pick/ Spray with Pearl Ends, Oasis Bind Wire (Natural), #9 Double-face Satin Ribbon (Antique White), #9 Satin Grosgrain Ribbon (Oyster) and #9 Sheer Antonia Ribbon (Dusty Blue) from burton + BURTON®.

This festive pendulous cone-shaped aesthetic can enhance any space–from a home or office environment to a wedding or holiday party venue. Whether used singly or in multiples, these designs, created in inverted vine “Christmas trees,” offer tremendous versatility. Depending on the chosen materials–fresh or permanent–this design idea is adaptable for virtually any occasion, event, season or holiday. For events, for example, they can be suspended in multiples above dining tables, with upright versions, decorated similarly, gracing the tabletops. To say “the sky’s the limit” on this idea’s design potential is an understatement! Here, burton + BURTON’s creative designers share the steps for creating these dazzling designs.


Starting with the largest tree, attach lengths of bind wire to the rim of the vine cone. Include three additional pieces attached to the support wires that run the length of the cone for later use (Step 6).


Attach three stems of pine/ornament sprays, one at a time, to the rim of the vine cone by curving each stem around the rim and wiring in place with the attached bind wires. Space the three sprays evenly around the rim of the cone. Bend the sprays so they cascade downward on the outside of the cone.
Tip: Place the inverted cone into a vase for easier execution.


Attach three beaded sprays, one at a time, equidistant around the rim of the cone, atop the pine sprays, using the same bind wire pieces. Follow the same placement pattern as the pine sprays.


Attach the pine/ornament wreath on top of the pine and beaded sprays using the same pieces of bind wire; then fluff and shape the wreath.


Cut three 1-yard lengths of oyster grosgrain ribbon to create a hanger for the cone. Tie a knot on one end of each piece of ribbon.


Attach the knotted ribbon ends to the three wires attached inside the cone earlier (one piece of ribbon to each wire). Tightly secure the wire just above the knot in each ribbon. Adjust the three hanger ribbons to balance the design when hanging it.


Cut three additional lengths of oyster grosgrain ribbon, and weave each through the pine spray stems and wreath base, near the points where the hanger ribbons meet the cone.


Create three one-loop bows with streamers, using a combination of the antique white and dusty blue ribbons.


Attach the blue-and-white loops and streamers to the design with the oyster grosgrain ribbon lengths added in Step 7.