Pineapple Centerpiece

Pineapple Centerpiece

With the warm breeze of summer carrying the fragrances of the season, this fun pineapple arrangement is a creative option for tropical-themed weddings or outdoor parties. As fruit-and-flower combinations have become favorites with wedding clients, using pineapples as a construction results in novel designs that will create memories for years to come!

Step 1

Cut off the top of the pineapple, and core the pineapple to create a “well” for a floral container. Ensure that the pineapple will sit upright stably by slicing off a layer of the bottom of the pineapple, if necessary.

Step 2

Make sure the leave enough flesh inside the pineapple to keep it from collapsing. Line the hollow center of the pineapple with plastic wrap or a plastic bag. and cover or seal the base of the pineapple, if necessary.

Step 3

Insert a jar or vase the size of the “well” into the pineapple. You can also use chicken wire, if you prefer, or you can insert a piece of chicken wire into the jar as an armature.

Step 4

Arrange tropical flowers into the container in the center of the pineapple. NOTE: Stability and mechanics are important, particularly when using heavy tropical botanicals.

Designer Tip Spray the pineapple gold to add a luxury feel for a wedding.

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