Upselling to brides can be a challenging task. Join Erik Witcraft, AIFD, CFD, as he shares ideas for budget-conforming levels for beautiful wedding tablescapes.

Step 1

Create two simple spiral hand-tied bouquets of ‘Quicksand’ hybrid-tea roses. Tie each bouquet at its binding point with raffia. Set each bouquet into an amber glass footed vessel accessorized with river rocks. This is a beautiful simple level for your brides.

Step 2

Create elaborate bases for the magnificent glass vases. Anchor OASIS Midnight Floral Foam into clear plastic trays, and collar these bases with ‘Sahara’ roses. Add Japanese maple and heavenly bamboo foliage to introduce texture into the bases. This is the next level to showcase to your brides, with either the hand-tied rose bouquets or floating candles in the glass vases.

Step 3

Create two tall cylindrical structures with gold OASIS Floral Mesh, binding the edges together with gold OASIS Bullion Wire. The diameter of these structures should be the same as the inside diameter of the glass vases. Crisscross two gold metal rings with narrow gold ribbon and gold bullion wire, and wire one to the top of each wire-mesh structure. Attach water tubes to outsides of the structures with narrow gold ribbon. Fill the tubes with flower-food solution, ‘Quicksand’ roses, ‘White Mikado’ spray roses and Japanese maple foliage. Place the completed structures into the glass vases. This more elaborate tablescape is for brides who have the budgets for something even more dramatic.

Step 4

Add even more ambiance to the tablescape with candles. Anchor floral foam atop candlesticks, and secure Bullion Wire-wrapped LED column candles atop the floral foam. Arrange ‘White Mikado’ spray roses into the floral foam, around bases of the candles, so that all the floral foam is concealed. With either the flower-covered wire-mesh structures or the hand-tied bouquets in the glass vases, this ultimate-level tablescape will create incredible memories for your brides and their guests while masterfully maximizing this design concept.