Northern Lights Floral Design How-to

Northern Lights Floral Design How-to

This Florists’ Review how-to video presentation—sponsored by Royal Flowers Group—features floral designer Sharrai Morgan-Faulkner, AIFD and her calm and bright Northern Lights featuring tips on foliage manipulation. Featuring leaf-folding techniques, a Smithers-OASIS Midollino Stick, yarn-wrapped twigs, lemon cypress, pine and cedar, kale, hala leaves, super green roses, elongated Calla lilies, Star of Bethlehem and Dendrobium orchids, Hydrangea, blue thistle Eryngium, and Royal Flowers Group-supplied blue Delphinium—put together to mimic the majestic northern lights! Learn how to make this stunning floral presentation piece by watching the video!

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