How To: Botanical Bling Floral Sash Ring

How To: Botanical Bling Floral Sash Ring

Floral design and photography by Brenna Quan, AIFD, CFD

Flowers to wear are taking all manner of shapes and forms today, and they are being designed to wear virtually anywhere on a body or garment. Thinking beyond more traditional items such as floral hairpieces, corsages and jewelry, Brenna Quan, AIFD, CFD, from Burnaby, B.C., shows how to create a floral sash ring/slide buckle that has many practical applications for adorning garments worn to weddings, parties and other special events. You can also create smaller versions of this concept for chair sashes and ties and even napkin rings. The possibilities are endless!

This practical and salable floral slide buckle can transform simple garments into high fashion—and it’s a creative alternative to traditional wedding and prom flowers.

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Step – By – Step

Step 1: Coil and kink a long length of fiber- wrapped wire in an irregular pattern.



Step 2: Form the coiled and kinked wire into a sturdy multilayered ring, approximately 6 inches in diameter. Glue the two dowels together with hot glue or liquid floral adhesive. Securely attach the dowels to the backside of the wire sash ring with thin-gauge wire, liquid floral adhesive or both.

Step 3: Spray paint the completed sash-ring base.



Step 4: Glue fresh blooms to the sash ring with liquid floral adhesive.

Thread both ends of a fabric sash through the ring from the back and over the dowels.

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  • Phalaenopsis amabilis (moth orchid)
  • Pycnosorus globosus [formerly Craspedia globosa] (billy button, drumstick)
  • Leucadendron lanigerum x laxum Jubilee Crown(rasberry conebush)


  • OASIS™ Rustic Wire (Brown), OASIS™ Bind Wire (Brown) and/or OASIS™ Florist Wire, and OASIS® Floral Adhesive or OASIS®
    All-temperature Glue Sticks from Oasis Floral Products/Smithers-Oasis Company
  • “Gold Medal” Premium Metals Metallic Finish Spray from DESIGN MASTER color tool
  • Wood dowels

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