An unpretentious but verdant composite centerpiece with a spring spirit

Floral design, photography and text by Cara Fitch

Trille Floral

Rothesay, N.B., Canada

cara smelling the flowers

Presented by Rosaprima

When I saw these stunning varieties of roses and Ranunculus from Rosaprima, I decided to design a casual and fun spring-inspired tablescape with a light and airy yet lush feeling. This versatile composite centerpiece can be created for any desired length, for a dining table, a buffet table, a mantel and other applications, as well as for any season, holiday or occasion.

I chose to use pin holders (flower frogs) as the mechanics, to create a somewhat minimal, free-form, ikebana-influenced aesthetic. Accessorizing with fresh fruit adds even greater interest and provides an opportunity to enhance and expand the color palette established by the flowers.


Step 1

Firmly secure a flower frog into the center of each bowl with adhesive putty. Add properly proportioned flower nutrient solution to each bowl, to the top of the frog spikes. The number of bowls and candleholders needed will be determined by the desired length of the tablescape and the spacing desired.

step 1

Step 2

Create the base of each design by arranging roses into each bowl, placing the largest blooms first and low in each bowl. Next, arrange longer-stemmed roses to establish shape and create dimension.

step 2

Step 3

Arrange Ranunculus: Create additional dimension and free-form shapes by first arranging some blooms to “float” above the base of roses in each bowl, and then arrange others mid-level and low, to the sides of each design.

Step 4

Assemble the arrangements and candleholders to create the desired tablescape. Accessorize with seasonal fruits, some cut in half to display the inside colors and textures. Finally, sprinkle rose petals across the tabletop.

finished desing



Rosaprima (Roses)

Rosa spp. ‘RP Moab’ (RP Exclusive standard/hybrid tea rose)

Rosa spp. ‘Peach Wave’ (standard/hybrid tea rose)

Rosa spp. ‘Phoenix’ (garden-like rose)

Rosa spp. ‘Lavender Irishka’ (spray rose)

Floraprima (Specialty Flowers)

Ranunculus asiaticus Cloni Success ‘Gran Pastel’/’Grand Pastel’ (Persian buttercup)

Ranunculus asiaticus Elegance ‘Crema’ (Persian buttercup)

Other Botanicals

Citrus reticulata/C. tangerina (tangerine, Mandarin orange)

Fortunella spp (kumquat)

Pyrus communis (pear, common pear, European pear)



• Ceramic bowls, 6” diameter

• Ceramic candleholders

• Flower frogs/Pin holders, round, 1.5”-2”, from Jamali Garden

• Floral Tack from Jamali Garden

• Taper candles

hard goods