“This romantic balloon-and-flower “centerpiece” brings a bit of fun, frivolity and even elegance to a wedding reception.” 

Balloons say “fun,” but they also can create elegant and romantic décor for weddings, parties and other special events, as this table runner illustrates. Air-filled balloon décor also can provide a lot of “bang for the buck,” is easily enhanced with flowers and offers a palette of colors often not available with flowers. So when a client wants maximum impact for her budget or has an unusual color scheme she wants you to match, consider some creative balloon options.

This table-runner is among the simplest of balloon designs to create; it requires no advanced balloon skills. In addition to the virtually unlimited color options, it can be created in any length your client desires, and it can be constructed either on site or in your shop, far in advance. If made in your shop, it can be constructed in whatever lengths are easiest to transport, and the pieces can be assembled on site.

And when even more impact is desired, float several helium-filled 24-inch Deco Bubble balloons above this centerpiece and, possibly, throughout the event space. This romantic balloon décor will be remembered by guests for years to come.


 Set aside 7” Chrome Silver, 5” White and 5” Pearl White latex balloons to be inflated singly. Then doublestuff the following latex balloons to achieve custom colors: 5” Spring Green inside 5” Pearl White, 5” Mocha Brown inside 5” Pearl Mint Green, and 7” Chrome Silver inside 5” Pearl Mint Green. To double stuff , slide the first balloon onto a stick, and then slide the second balloon over it.


Air inflate the balloons, two at a time, to various sizes. Choose two contrasting colors to inflate simultaneously.


Once two balloons are inflated, press them on a table to give them a round shape.


Stretch the necks of the two balloons across one another, and tightly tie them together.


Hold the two balloons close to one another so there is little or no space between them when they’re tied.


Tie a length of monofilament to the knotted necks of the first balloon duplet.


After inflating and tying two more balloons together, combine the two duplets by pushing the knotted necks together and twisting two times, to form a quad.


Continue creating and combining duplets to form quads while wrapping the monofilament through the center of the balloons to secure.


Repeat the steps until desired size, shape and length are achieved.


Insert stems of white flowers and greenery among the balloons. Place rose and baby’s breath stems into water tubes for maximum freshness and longevity.