Introducing extraordinary new products that will add an exciting new element to bridal bouquets and boutonnières this wedding season.

Floral design and text by Patience Pickner, AIFD, PFCI

Chamberlain, S.D.

Photos by Tami Carda Photography

Presented by Fitz Design

Fitz Design certainly needs no introduction to floral designers around the world, but its spectacular “Mystic Crystals” collection of crystal bouquet holders and boutonnières—on which I had the pleasure of collaborating—is so new that it probably does.

Just in time for the coming wedding season, these stunning Mystic Crystals bouquet holders are available in two sizes—large (named Anne Marie) and small (dubbed Fiona)—and both the bouquet holders and boutonnières (named Finn) come in four colors—Clear (for those of you who know crystals, envision milky quartz); Pink (a rose quartz look); Purple (think amethyst); and Onyx (resembling black onyx, black obsidian or black tourmaline). Note that due to the organic nature of crystals, all will differ slightly in appearance and size, making each one unique.

Both large and small Mystic Crystals bouquet holders come with floral-foam toppers in which to design fresh flowers, but you can also place polystyrene balls atop the crystals when creating bouquets of permanent botanicals. This tutorial shows one technique for attaching the floral-foam toppers to the crystal “handles,” but there are others, and I recommend using whatever technique works best for you.

Perhaps best of all, after the wedding day, the spiritual crystals will become treasured mementos for the bridal couples—a terrific selling point! TIP: To become more informed about the spiritual and healing powers of crystals, do a bit of research online before your first shipment arrives.

wedding bouquet with new crystal bouquet holder



bouquet using mystic crystal holder by Fitz

Step 1

Wrap Fitz Design Original Cling Gray Floral Adhesive generously around the Mystic Crystals bouquet handle one or two times, depending on the diameter of the handle. For additional security, apply Fitz Design Enhanced Formula Clear Floral Adhesive to the flat top part of the crystal, but be aware that the liquid adhesive needs time to dry after the crystal is inserted into the floral-foam topper (Step 2).

step 1

Step 2

Insert the top of the crystal into the bottom of the floral-foam topper approximately 1 inch to 1¼ inches, until it feels secure. Next, thread a length of Fitz Design Silver Metallic Wire through the hole in the top of the crystal, pull the wire up on opposite sides of the plastic cage about halfway up, and wrap it around the cage’s plastic circumference (“equator”). Finally, tie the two ends of the wire securely atop the plastic cage.

step 2

Step 3

Arrange fresh flowers, foliages and other materials, as desired, into the caged floral-foam topper.

add flowers


Step 1

For a bouquet of permanent botanicals, adhere a polystyrene ball to the top of the crystal with Fitz Design Enhanced Formula Clear Floral Adhesive, and allow it to dry. For additional security, thread a length of Fitz Design Silver Metallic Wire through the hole in the top of the crystal, bring the two ends up around opposite sides of the ball, and tie them tightly at the top of the ball. DESIGN TIP: Position pieces of a discarded stem or wood pick between the ball and the wire, on both sides and top of the ball, to prevent the wire from cutting into the ball.

add topper for artificial flowers

Step 2

Arrange permanent, dried and/or preserved botanicals into the polystyrene ball.

add permanent botanicals
bride with permanent botanical bouquet in crystal holder




• Fitz Design Mystic Crystals

• Fitz Design Enhanced Formula Clear Floral Adhesive

• Fitz Design Original Cling Gray Floral Adhesive

• Fitz Design Silver Metallic Wire

• Polystyrene (EPS) foam ball

mystic crystals by Fitz