This holiday season, if you receive a wreath from Fiore Designs , a full-service floral and event design studio in Marina del Rey, California, don’t expect to see any typical red-and-white combos. “We don’t do obvious,” says Jennifer Juhos, who, along with her business partner, Nicole Renna, brings an earthy, organic style to the studio’s creations. And don’t expect fake trees or snow flocking on branches at any of their events for Malibu plant-based skin care brand Osea or swanky fashion and jewelry boutique Capitol + Irene Neuwirth in Brentwood or in their arrangements at the Tasting Kitchen in Venice. Instead, they’re known for a rustic sensibility that can be seen in their custom gift boxes and hundreds of premade bouquets they sell at all Erewhon stores. Their inspiration this holiday is “Winter Forest.” So look for eucalyptus pods, winterberries, magnolia leaves, lichen-covered branches, blue ice cypress and hemlock to remind you that decorating with nature really is about what grows outside. “The whole point is to bring wilderness into your home,” says Juhos. “We believe in more of a winter vibe for the holidays.” And they’re certain the rest of us can pull this off too. Or at least try. We got up early and went wild retail harvesting with the pair at the Southern California Flower Market and Original Los Angeles Flower Market to see exactly how Juhos and Renna envision a winter forest, without going near a single silver spray-painted branch. Advertising What does “Winter Forest” mean to you? Juhos: “It’s England, cozy, not wet but damp, think evergreen, snow, the smell of juniper and pine and that feeling you get when you walk into the mountains and being in that environment.” What about using what’s in your yard to decorate? Renna: “Forage, we encourage that. […]