New Floral Subscription Delivery Service, FieldBouquet

Celebrity Dutch floral designer, Pieter Landman, has launched a new boxed flower floral delivery service in the US.  FieldBouquet entered the scene to help stagnant environments and creativity bloom with a joyous and affordable boxed flower delivery service. Full Article Below Source  

Celebrity Floral Designer Brings Field of Dreams to US Market with new Floral Subscription Delivery Service, FieldBouquet

MIAMI – A blooming new business has entered the floral delivery space. Introducing the FieldBouquet flower collection and floral subscription delivery service, curated by a celebrity floral designer delivering happiness through unique flower bouquets for the home, business or workspace. FieldBouquet subscriptions offer a steady delivery of surprise curated pre-arranged bouquets, or one-time bouquets from their online collection are available. FieldBouquet proudly gives back to the Ecuadorian communities from which the flowers grow and delivers Rainforest Alliance Certified flowers that make beautiful floral presentations simple.

Consumers have become more comfortable than ever this past pandemic year browsing, clicking and purchasing to enhance their home and work environments. People can now simply open their doors to a world of goods, including a safely delivered, beautiful box of arranged flowers. FieldBouquet was founded during an economic downturn when many people no longer had the luxury of shopping for bouquets in person. FieldBouquet entered the scene to help stagnant environments and creativity bloom with a joyous and affordable boxed flower delivery service.

The FieldBouquet creative director, celebrity Dutch floral designer, Pieter Landman, was born and raised in the heart of the country’s magnificent tulip fields. Landman has been the creative vision behind international floral shows, royal palaces, society weddings, fashion shows and renowned sporting events including Wimbledon. He earned his masters degree in floral design and has spent his career owning a floral shop, developing products, merchandising and trend-watching. His televised masterclasses for florists, royalties and children alike have allowed him a global stage from which to spread his seeds of passion for floral design and appreciation.

“Since my early childhood when I would daydream in the bulb fields behind my home, I have kept my sights on all things that bloom,” said Landman. “For many years, I dreamt of being able to bring that feeling I experienced as a child among the tulips to others, regardless of where they are located or whether or not they have a large amount of expendable income. I’m beyond thrilled to announce that beautiful, unique, fresh flowers, pre-arranged with a modern, elegant, natural design technique we refer to as our “flower recipes,” are now affordably available throughout the US market through fieldbouquet.com.”

FieldBouquet offers a unique floral experience that allows you to unbox arrangements that instantly add joy and beauty to your home, business or workspace surroundings,” Landman states. “You simply unbox, chop, drop (in the vase) and fluff the pre-arranged bouquet which will beautifully bloom over the following 7-10 days. We like to think of our process as a thoughtfully curated recipe from the field, that like a perfect pastry rising in the oven, blooms over time in your environment, sharing its unique fragrance and beauty. Why not treat yourself to a subscription that delivers such happiness right to your door?”

About FieldBouquet
FieldBouquet, a blooming flower delivery service, was founded in 2020; all flowers in the unique bouquets are grown, sourced, creatively assembled and shipped throughout the US straight from Ecuadorian farms to your home, business or workspace. FieldBouquet farms are Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and committed to protect the environment, pay employees above-average wages, provide access to education and healthcare, and provide good working conditions. The canvas bags that protect the special vase your first bouquet of flowers arrive in are handmade from local Ecuadorians, helping boost their economy in gratitude for the beautiful fields from which the flowers grow. FieldBouquet offers weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, monthly or one-time boxed floral delivery and provides a great way to bring a fresh perspective to your environment, with no strings attached, so you can pause or cancel any time. To shop from FieldBouquet’s ever-changing unique floral bouquets and schedule or gift your next flower delivery, visit fieldbouquet.com.

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