“Novel balloon “scepters” are playful, festive accessories for holidays and occasions of all kinds and for kids of all ages.”

Help your customers celebrate the magic of occasions and holidays year-round with this clever air-filled “fairy wand” idea from burton + BURTON. This playful foil balloon creation brings out the kid in all of us.

Sell them as individual items, or add them into floral designs and potted plants for a festive finishing touch – generating happier customers and increased sales.

Using the foil inflation tip for the Premium Balloon Accessories FoilPro Inflator, air-fill the “Happy Valentine’s Day” foil balloon.

Slip the tail of the foil balloon through the large hole in a balloon cup. Wrap clockwise to the first hook for short tails or the second hook for longer tails. Insert the remaining end of the tail into the vertical slit.

Insert a balloon stick into the tube on the cup.

Cut a desired length of each of two different-colored ribbons, adding dovetail or chevron cuts at both ends of each piece for a manicured look.

Slide the center section of one length of ribbon against the underside of the cup to secure it to the design.

Repeat Step 5 with the second length of ribbon to create four ribbon streamers of varying lengths.

Melt glue pillows in a glue skillet, on medium, until glue is a thick consistency.

Cut four 18” x 30” iridescent cellophane sheets into fourths, creating 16 9” x 15” sheets.

Gather each cello sheet, one sheet at a time, in the center, and dip the center point into the glue skillet.

Glue the cello pieces onto the outside of the balloon cup until the exterior of the cup is covered and you have created a fluffy collar around the base of the foil balloon.

As is often the case with fashion design, the styling of this “haute-couture” composition fuses architectural interest with romantic expression. In addition, the distinctive hue of Suntory Flowers’ ‘Applause’ roses, paired with free-flowing pink jasmine – which adds dimension to the otherwise vertical design – bring color, fragrance and a more youthful vitality to this modern take on the classic valentine.

Beyond Valentine’s Day, this minimalist design idea is applicable for occasions year-round, from party centerpiece to home and office décor – even get well and sympathy, and can feature myriad other flower types.