The late Beverley Aubert with her neice Emma Rush, who is selling bouquets in her memory with a donation going towards The MSA Trust

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Printed and digital download photos available A Douglas florist is raising funds towards a charity close to her heart through the sale of autumnal bouquets.

Emma Rush of Flourish and Bloom is running the initiative in memory of her auntie, Beverley Aubert, who sadly died at the age of 59 from the rare neurodegenerative disorder multiple system atrophy (MSA).

She will be donating £5 from every £35 bouquet sold towards the MSA trust.

Her bouquets will be full of bright fiery oranges and deep rich reds, which will be made available from mid-August.

Emma was left devastated when her auntie who lives in Jersey lost her battle with the illness over the lockdown period. The 28-year-old could not attend the funeral.

’I felt a bit helpless. We were so close,’ she said.

’I chose the autumnal colours as she was such a fiery person. She was always laughing and was very bubbly and was so selfless. She would do anything for anyone.’

The family said that Beverley was wrongly diagnosed with Parkinson’s about five years ago and only found two weeks before her death that she had MSA.

The disease is a more aggressive neurological disease that effects movement, speech and balance.

Emma said: ’These last few month, she completely deteriorated. She couldn’t talk.

’To go from being such an outgoing, bubbly person to that… she was not the same person.’It has been a challenging time for Emma, who has been a florist for five years, as she recently set up her new business in October 2019.’It started off really well as I had so many people coming in. Christmas was good and so was Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Then there was the pandemic,’ she said.’I couldn’t get hold of flowers from across for a few weeks, but I’ve been dead busy ever since lockdown.’Search @Flourishandbloomiom on Facebook for more details. Add Comment