There is an art to floral arranging, and Bloom Bar & Co. craft floral boutique takes it to another level. The bouquets are anything but basic. Jen Maraia and Andrew Oliver, Colorado locals and business partners, opened the Rockrimmon shop July 22. Already they have established a reputation for beautiful, well-crafted arrangements and a wide array of succulents, botanicals and floral designs. Nick Walker, a master florist with more than 30 years’ experience in design, creates the arrangements. He earned eight Kennedy Center Awards, including one for floral design. “Nick is truly passionate about what he does and it shows,” said Andrew Oliver, who also co-owns and manages his family business, Oliver’s Deli, as well as Colorado Crust Pizza Co., both situated within walking distance of Bloom Bar & Co. Although Oliver described his life as busy and demanding, he shared his gratitude for the wonderful team that helps make Bloom Bar & Co. such a wonderful place. “We do rely heavily on our independent team. You don’t always find people like this, who will put in their all and best effort as well as a lot of love,” Oliver said. Before landing in Colorado Springs, Maraia and Oliver were traveling nurses who spent time in Denver as well as parts of Washington, California and Georgia. One of the key features that makes Bloom Bar & Co. unique is their drive to support local trade and industries, sourcing only the best and premium flowers, often from Colorado farms, which allows them to skip wholesalers, bringing more value to the customer and extending the longevity of the flowers and plants they sell. Customers of the craft floral boutique have the opportunity to take a seat at the “bloom bar,” where a team member can assist with designing and arranging from […]