Halloween Grows Up

Halloween Grows Up

“A dichotomous collection of materials coalesce to create a sophisticatedly scary centerpiece for an adult Halloween party.”

Thanks to floral designer Lori McNorton, owner of Blooms on Boswell in Topeka, Kan., trick-or-treat comes of age with a centerpiece suitable for grown-up get-togethers on All Hallows’ Eve. Pale roses with soft curves and velvety petals contrast with prickly thistle-like Eryngium – gilded for a touch of elegance – while disbud chrysanthemums offer that splash of orange ghouls and goblins demand. Furthering the dissonant blend of opulence and fright, McNorton incorporated a black glittered spider web (through which the flowers are arranged), a bejeweled spider and a gilt filigree mask for just the right touch of Halloween spirit. Tie everything together with a gold container, and, abracadabra, you have it. Who says Halloween is just kid’s play?

STEP 1: Place a block of soaked floral foam into a pedestal container to extend slightly above the rim of the container. Arrange gold-painted Eryngium around the rim of the container to form a prickly collar, and then arrange stems of Eucalyptus between the Eryngium flower heads.

STEP 2: Place the black glittered spider web atop the fl oral foam and collar of Eryngium and Eucalyptus.

STEP 3 : Secure the spider web in position with hairpin wires or greening pins.

STEP 4 : Arrange a few stems of Eucalyptus through the openings of the spider web to cover the floral foam.

STEP 5: Arrange roses, chrysanthemums, more gold-painted Eryngium, and Hypericum through the openings in the spider web. Create a design that is as tight and compact or open and airy as you prefer.

STEP 6: Add upscale accents, such as the bejeweled spider and a gilt mask shown here, among the blooms to finish the sophisticated Halloween aesthetic.

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