“Flavorful seasonal décor, for indoors and out, and for all tastes from traditional to contemporary”

Naming your wreaths is an easy way to bring attention to the interesting focal ingredients, and it makes your delicious creations more exciting to consumers. After all, holiday time is all about recipes, so whip up a batch of visually scrumptious wreaths that will appeal to all tastes – not only for this holiday and season but for all others throughout the year, as well.

“Pomegranate and Winterberry”
A Fresh Outdoor Wreath For this design, I first twisted a basic vinyl Christmas-greens garland onto a wire wreath frame. Next I twisted in groupings of various fresh coniferous evergreen sprigs, followed by insertions of permanent winterberry sprays. I then filled out the design with an assortment of fresh broad leaf evergreen sprigs (the more interesting your selection of types, the better) to naturalize the permanent botanicals. And, finally, I added fresh pomegranates on branches and fir cones, for a seasonal garnish.


Gloriosa and Bittersweet”A Semi-permanent Indoor Wreath
For this modern decorative wreath, light and transparent, I created two “tatami rounds” from OASIS Midollino Sticks and wired them onto a wreath frame. I then arranged Clematis seed floss between the two layers of Midollino tatami rounds to appear to be growing out randomly, with colorful bittersweet, ready to pop, meandering through the clouds of Clematisseed floss. The Gloriosa create a near-complementary color harmony with the bittersweet, and they dance beautifully together. The rich aubergine Anthurium are an unexpected visual anchor to this artful composition.


Anthurium, Dahlia and Bittersweet”A Fresh Indoor Tropical Nouveau Wreath for a Party
To begin, I wrapped a wire wreath frame with chicken wire and inserted water tubes filled lightly with sprigs of fir and cedar. Next, I added more sprigs of fir and cedar into the tubes to bulk up the wreath, followed by an interesting collection of botanicals chosen for their color and textural distinction: Cotinus, Agonis and Coleus for their rich dark color; seeded Eucalyptus, Clematis seed floss and bittersweet to add the harvest components; and finally a “tropical nouveau” combination of fresh flowers. The Ranunculus, Dahlia, Coleus and scented geranium are in water tubes. It’s all about mixing a cool combination of ingredients to create an intricate recipe