How to create a minimal design with high impact featuring cane and ornithagolum Ingredients – ornithagolum, cane bundle, dried typha , pinholder or kenzan , low container. The bundle of canes were the inspiration for this design. They are strong enough to stand, but flexible to bend – so allowing us to create a framework. The dish itself is interesting, and this design allows it to be clean clearly. The ornithagolum add our focal flowers, as well as adding line. To finish a couple of stems of dried typha are draped – adding additional line, it also contrast. It’s a different design, that would be ideal for a modern setting – maybe even corporate work. Enjoy! Buy your Oasis Products including wires, foams, scissors etc. here: UK : US: Description contains affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission if you click on the links and make a purchase. Check out our other videos, and subscribe to our channel by clicking here : There’s a lot more to come! Facebook : Instagram : E-mail :