Convey a decidedly autumnal aesthetic in wedding designs—regardless of color palette—by combining dried botanicals with fresh.

Floral design, text and photography by Nita Robertson, AIFD, CFD

The changing seasons inspired me to create a lush cascade-style bridal bouquet using both fresh and dried botanicals. I accented the beautiful garden roses from Alexandra Farms—the stars of this bouquet—with fresh foliages and dried grasses. The addition of dried botanicals adds beautiful texture and interest to designs and can be obtained in hues not always found in fresh materials—a benefit often needed with wedding work.


Step 1

Soak a floral-foam bouquet holder in a properly proportioned flower nutrient solution. Place adhesive dashes on both sides of the bouquet handle, and then wrap the handle with double-face satin ribbon. 

DESIGN TIP: Place a plastic bag over the ribbon-wrapped bouquet-holder handle when designing the bouquet to ensure the ribbon remains clean and dry.


Step 2

Arrange stems of sword fern into the bouquet holder to establish the shape and size of the bouquet.


Step 3

Arrange large, open garden roses in the center of the design, in a teardrop shape, to create the focal area and to establish the beginning of the cascade form with flowers. Arrange the roses at slightly varying heights, to create depth. 


Step 4

Arrange spray garden roses and dried pampas grass to further define and fill out the bouquet’s shape. 


Step 5

Arrange stems of fresh seeded Eucalyptus, dried bunny-tail grass and dried filler flowers to finish filling out the bouquet’s shape and to fill in any open spaces. Arrange stems of sword fern and seeded Eucalyptus to cover the back of the bouquet holder and camouflage any visible mechanics.

step 5

Step 6

Spray OASIS® FLORALOCK Plus Stem Adhesive into the base of the bouquet, where each stem enters the floral foam—especially the stems of heavier blooms—to ensure the flowers will not shift, rotate or fall out of the bouquet. Allow the stem adhesive to dry completely before bagging the bouquet and placing it into a floral cooler.





• Rosa spp. ‘Tsumugi’ (Wabara garden rose) from Alexandra Farms

• Rosa spp. ‘Princess Hitomi’ (Japanese garden rose) from Alexandra Farms

• Rosa spp. ‘Princess Pinku’ (Japanese spray garden rose) from Alexandra Farms

• Eucalyptus spp., seeded (eucalypt, Australian gum, gum tree, stringybark)

• Polystichum munitum (Western sword fern)

• Cortaderia selloana, dried (pampas grass)

• Lagurus ovatus, dried (bunny-tail grass, hare’s-tail grass, rabbit-tale grass)

• Eryngium planum, dried and dyed (flat sea holly, eryngo)

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• LOMEY® Bouquet Holder, Extra Large

• OASIS® FLORALOCK Plus Stem Adhesive

• OASIS® UGLU Adhesive Dashes

• Double-face satin ribbon

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