It took a hacked Instagram account to get Cherrie Silverman, AIFD, AAF, CPF, of Cherry Blossoms Florist to finally give the social media site a go. Cherrie, who started her floral career in 1981, had an Instagram account, but she didn’t use it much. Then, about a year ago, her account got hacked. A friend at the AIFD Symposium helped her recover the account, and her interest was sparked anew.

Since then, Cherrie has slowly built a growing following. She finds that the platform keeps her hip and in touch with the younger set, “which is mandatory if you want wedding business,” Cherrie says. “Instagram is the equivalent to contemporary business cards,” she says. “It’s your presence to the world.”

who Cherrie Silverman, AIFD, AAF, CPF, of Cherry Blossoms Florist in Westminster, Colo.

why we like it Smart, simple and splashy, Cherrie’s Instagram presence showcases her design work and drops in an occasional cute canine or bridal party photo for an added bonus.

young at heart Cherrie’s been in the floral industry since 1981, and knows she’s no spring chicken anymore. Even so, Instagram has given her a way to stay relevant with younger customers, millennials who are getting married and other florists. “I get a kick out of playing on the same field with the much younger girls in the wedding floral business competition. There’s no greater thrill than having a bride call to book me because [they follow me] on Instagram.”

trendy times In her many years in the business, Cherrie has seen some changes in the way florists connect with their customers. Instagram, she says, is one that’s here to stay. “It’s keeping me current. I have had my shop for 38 years. Trends and communication tools come and go. Instagram is staying. It’s easier to look at a picture with a few words than a picture with many words.”

instagram plus Though Cherrie likes Instagram and how it’s helped her business, she is also a big fan of Facebook

when it comes to social media. “The older folks use Facebook, and the millennials use Instagram. I like the more detailed level of communication I experience with Facebook. Instagram, for me, is all about business. Facebook is about business and communicating with my friends. On the business side, I use Instagram more.

posts with the most When it comes to grabbing the most attention, Cherrie says her more “boho-organic” bouquet posts seem to get the most likes and interaction – those and, of course, photos of her dog adorned in flowers. “I try to be personal and stay somewhat amusing.”

sound instagram advice “Just keep at it. Change and learning new strategies is hard for us old-timers. We have to keep it in our hearts and work ethics that we must constantly evolve.”

see for yourself @cherry_blossoms_florist