Ann Engelbrecht, local florist and owner of Sprout Fine Floral Concepts, is spreading joy and creating smiles during a difficult time by installing beautiful floral arrangements in public areas around The Woodlands area. After Ann’s friend and fellow florist, Jason Vorse of Pollen Floral Works in Castle Rock, Washington, salvaged unused blooms due to the COVID-19 crisis and installed a public floral arrangement, she felt inspired and thought, I want to be part of that too. In sharing her vision with a flower supplier and local officials, she received permission plus the needed materials, about 1000 roses and 400 hydrangeas, to decorate public areas for the community to enjoy. Ann Engelbrecht, owner of Sprout Fine Floral Concepts The first public installments was made this past week at the entrance of The Woodlands where red roses and greenery now adorn the necks of the famous deer statues that greet visitors on Woodlands Parkway. The archway located in Hughes Landing is now the home to second installment with white roses. Ann shared, “I wanted to create something nice. People drive by and see the installation, coming upon it unexpectedly. We are all going through a difficult time. Flowers make people happy.” The next installments will be made in Town Green Park, statues surrounding The Cynthia Woods Pavilion, and Oak Ridge North. Ann is grateful to her floral sponsor, Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, and to The Woodlands Township, Howard Hughes Corporation, Oak Ridge North for making the installations possible. View photos of the public floral installments on the Hello Woodlands Facebook page . Bob Milner, The Woodlands Township Board of Director, shared, “This is one great example of how our community continues to step up in times of need. While one may think that placing fresh flower arrangements around our community is a […]