Roses & Mint owner Kira Mulvany has been fond of florals as long as she can remember. And considering Roses & Mint has been inducted into The Knot’s Best of Weddings Hall of Fame (among other accolades), it’s safe to say it’s a beautiful choice for brides.

“My obsession with flowers and small business started early thanks to my grandmothers, primarily,” Mulvany says. “Flowers were always part of my life, and as I grew older, the need for them to be central also grew. After spending 12 years in social services and doing flowers on the side, I made the switch to a full-time flower life.”

Mulvany officially made that switch nearly seven years ago, opening Roses & Mint, which offers everything from large-scale floral art installations to bouquets.

“Our hope as florists is that every person we design for can sense the love and appreciation we have for them,” Mulvany says. “One of our couples described our work as physical manifestations of love. That was the biggest compliment we could ever receive. Flowers can communicate so much, and the love we put into them should be felt. When people leave our studio or leave their wedding, we hope they remember how we and the flowers made them feel.”

Mulvany’s creative partner, Sarah Kelly, says they find inspiration from “all of the things.”

“We take inspiration from … other floral works, pieces of art, our community, a great color palette, hearing our couple’s love story – you name it,” Kelly says. “We never replicate other floral pieces, not even our own. Every piece is custom-made!”

And of course, the flowers are almost always the star of the show.

“Our team enjoys designing in a wide-range of styles, but a flower-forward and flower-focused style is our favorite,” Mulvany says. “Of course, we love the lush greenery-centric designs that you see so often, but an artful flower-focused design is our jam right now.”

Although Roses & Mint primarily focuses on weddings, that doesn’t mean that’s all the shop creates.

“We love connecting people with flowers for their biggest moments in life, their smallest moments, or any in between,” Kelly says. “Although we primarily design flowers for weddings and events, we also offer ‘any day’ flowers which can be easily ordered online through our shoppable website. Infusing people’s lives with flower magic – in big or small ways – brings us so much joy! Flowers will never cease to amaze us. We marvel over their scent, shape, texture and meaning. They are some of nature’s most beautiful examples, and perhaps their fleeting nature makes them even more special. There are lots of lessons we can learn from them, and we couldn’t imagine a more perfect medium.”