Flowers have always held a soft spot in our hearts. Words that humans aren’t able to express clearly, we put our hopes in them by delivering the intended messages. For instance, black roses are used to represent death and mourning. You can’t possibly send one for somebody’s birthday celebration! You don’t want to get kicked out before having the chance to say a simple ‘Happy Birthday’.

The same goes with dried flowers. People buy such flowers to keep them by their side longer. If you are this kind of person, wouldn’t you be interested to get your own story customized into dried flowers? Meet Pui Kee, a young Malaysian florist who crafts stories into flowers. Before we dive into Pui Kee’s unique way of crafting flowers, let’s get to know a little more about her.

This 23-year-old girl who identifies as a daydreamer, was born in Seremban. She attended Form 6 but chose to quit for the sake of her dream-chasing journey. So, she started working in a flower shop and was lucky to meet a florist who was willing to teach her the art of flowers. But in order to make her dream come to life, she knew that learning from only one source was not going to be enough. Hence, she took up a short lesson conducted by a florist she admired and even went to the extent of travelling to Thailand to learn skills from her favourite flower shop.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Pui Kee said, “ I don’t want to make my shop so that people will only buy flowers on special days. I want people to view flowers as a companion in life. This is why I specialise in crafting dried ones.” Started Her Online Business At 21

Back in 2018, she opened up a Facebook page called, Hanaya Space. She takes in orders and customises the flowers according to stories requested by her customers. Pui Kee is best known for her originality in her crafts. She never repeats the same design. Besides, she buys fresh flowers and dries them on her own to ensure the best quality in the results. Customers have been leaving good reviews regarding her crafts. In fact, many were surprised to find out about the existence of a young talented florist with a twist who has an online store based here, in Malaysia. Although Pui Kee is passionate about her dream, being a florist is just her part-time job. She also works as a counsellor in a school for the time being as she said her online shop is still growing at a small scale. Nevertheless, her talent is slowly getting recognized by many ever since she was featured on City Plus FM and Sin Chew .

“To live a life you love, first you have to do the things you like” – Pui Kee

Want to have your story crafted into flowers that you can keep for a long time? You can also attend a flower workshop conducted […]