The rich golden yellow hues of Moroccan spices, such as saffron, turmeric and mustard, pair beautifully with mahogany foliage in this exotic Moorish-influenced centerpiece with a trendy bohemian touch designed by Erik Witcraft, AIFD, CFD. Essentially monochromatic, this lively composition thoughtfully features brown-hued and -tinged foliages to carry the color of the glass insert of the classic Moroccan-trellis-patterned candleholder throughout the design. The resulting autumnal tapestry of colors and textures will make a dramatic statement at any seasonal event or in any eclectic décor.

Step 1

Create two yarn-covered accent accessories by wrapping a length of vinyl-coated clothesline wire with yarn. Secure an adhesive dash to both ends of a length of clothesline wire, about 2 inches from each end. Attach one end of the yarn to the adhesive dash on one end of the wire, and begin wrapping the yarn around the wire. In random places, wrap the yarn thicker around the wire, to create more.

Step 2

Place a block of floral foam that is soaked in flower-food solution into a plastic liner that is appropriately sized for the ceramic container, and secure the floral foam into the liner with waterproof tape. Set the foam- filled liner into the ceramic container. Place a round decorative candleholder atop the floral foam. For security and stability, adhere one or two plastic anchor pins to the bottom of the candleholder with adhesive dashes, before placing the candleholder atop the floral foam. Insert the ends of the yarn accent accessories into the floral foam in an interesting manner. volume, dimension and texture. Wrap the length of wire until you reach the opposite end, again leaving 2 inches exposed. You can use more than one color, thickness and texture of yarn, for more interest. Repeat this process to create a second wire accent. Bend and coil the yarn-covered wires into interesting forms of your choice.

Step 3

Create the size and shape of the arrangement by arranging stems of Japanese maple foliage on one side of the design and ninebark foliage on the opposite side. Also add stems of faux or fresh trailing succulents, such as burro’s tail, throughout the design, at this point.

Step 4

Next, arrange stems of miniature Cymbidium orchids, pincushions, ‘Brighton’ roses and zonal geranium foliage to further establish the shape of and fill out the design. Finish the design by introducing accent botanicals such as billy buttons, starflower pincushions and dried bunny-tail grass.