GRAFTON—Driven by a passion to follow her dream and a desire to provide residents with a great place to grab a cute gift, one local woman will soon be opening her own flower/wine shop. Be sure to mark your calendars for the grand opening of The Flower Market, Grafton’s newest business. Life-long resident Jill Sturm said that she has always felt that residents needed a place they could pop in to grab a unique gift here in town, instead of having to always travel out of town when in need of the perfect gift. “Sometimes something comes up and you need a gift fast, or maybe you just don’t feel like traveling to Bridgeport or Morgantown to find something for someone,” Sturm explained. “It has always been a complaint of mine that we are always forced to travel out of town, and while the other shops in town are great, I wanted to add something a little different for individuals to choose from.” That, in part, led Sturm to set out on the adventure of owning her very own shop, a florist/wine specialty shop. Sturm is no stranger to the floral industry, having worked at Bloomer’s Florist previously. She said that the ladies she worked with were wonderful teachers and trainers, and she is ready to put her skills to the test. “I have always loved flowers and when I worked at Bloomer’s, I loved it. I was the happiest working a job that I had ever been,” she said. She said that after the loss of two dear friends at an early age in life, four to five years ago, it hit her that her time on earth was not promised and that she truly needed to follow her dreams because life really is too short. “I decided […]