“Modern and architectural, contemporary interpretations of vertical designs have a commanding presence and versatility while being economical and efficient.”


Natural Woodland Holiday
These two structures, created with cylindrical glass vases, decorative wire mesh and water tubes, are designed partially in advance, with red miniature Gerbera, white Helleborus, fir cones and red permanent berries strung on thin crimped metallic wire. On site, the cylindrical structures are connected with Ornithogalum and Douglas fir and lichen-covered branches, creating a large rectangular design.

When you need to create picturesque large arrangements, vertical designs can be the most economical, efficient and versatile. In this modernistic design style, the structural system dictates the number of stems used, reducing cost and production time and increasing efficiency. Build multiple structures in advance, customized for season, holiday or occasion, and use them over and over throughout the year, in various combinations, for parties and other events, weekly home and office designs, and a host of other floral décor projects.


Paper Sculpture This cylindrical wire-mesh-wrapped structure is given an ethereal feathery effect by plugging each square of the decorative mesh with torn pieces of mulberry paper. The light, airy and textural sculpture requires minimal juxtaposition of contrasting line and form with the botanical materials. Minimalism brings clarity to art.


Tower of Floral Tapestry This vertical structure, created with a cylindrical glass vase and decorative wire mesh, is covered with decorative Korean fiber flower-wrapping mesh and an overlay of vertically flowing curvilinear yarn-covered rattan-stick “extenders.” Water tubes can be filled with any assortment of flowers suitable for the occasion, season or holiday, to create a 3-D tower of flowers. Create multiple units for events and home and office décor, to magnify the magical effect. Design Tip: Fill the cylinder with water for weight.